New Cartel Market items in 7.3.1! Ahsoka’s Armor & Lightsabers (Expatriate’s), Elite Tactician Armor (Thrawn’s Armor), Ancient Stargazer Decoration Bundle, Corporate Security Weapons

News Date: September 6, 2023 Patch: 7.3.1 News Source

Update 7.3.1 has added a whole new batch of Ahsoka and Andor themed armor, weapons and decorations to the game! These are all available on the Cartel Market now.

Expatriate’s Armor (Ahsoka’s Armor)

This armor set is clearly meant to be based on Ahsoka’s armor set in the show, minus her hooded cloak.

Cost: 2,600 CC

  • Expatriate’s Armor Set
  • Expatriate’s Belt
  • Expatriate’s Boots
  • Expatriate’s Bracers
  • Expatriate’s Gloves
  • Expatriate’s Headband
  • Expatriate’s Pants
  • Expatriate’s Vest

Expatriate’s Sabers (Ahsoka’s Lightsabers)

Expatriate’s Shoto Saber + Expatriate’s Lightsaber

Cost: 1,500 CC + 1,500 CC

These are very clearly based on Ahsoka’s lightsaber props from the show.

The small loops at the bottom dangle as an animation.



Elite Tactician Armor (Thrawn’s Armor)

Cost: 2,600 CC

This is loosely inspired by Thrawn’s uniform.

  • Elite Tactician’s Belt
  • Elite Tactician’s Boots
  • Elite Tactician’s Bracers
  • Elite Tactician’s Gloves
  • Elite Tactician’s Hat
  • Elite Tactician’s Jacket
  • Elite Tactician’s Pants
  • Elite Tactician’s Uniform

Decorations: Ancient Stargazer Decoration Bundle

I don’t have good screenshots of this yet – but it’s really neat, in some strongholds it adds a subtle meteor shower to the sky with the Celestial Event Observatorydeco.

2 Brazier on Stone

2 Stacked Stone Firepit

1 Celestial Event Observatory

2 Shepherd’s Cooking Pot

1 Shepherd’s Hut

4 Field Boulder

6 Medium Field Rock

8 Small Field Rock

2 Small Stone Altar

Cartel Items

Mandalorian Helmet Bundle

1,500 CC for the three below helmets

Armorsmith Helmet

800 CC alone

Heavy Mandalorian Helmet

800 CC alone

Mandalorian Commander Helmet

800 CC alone


Hover Light Weapon Tuning

Cost: 1,500 CC

Hover Light Tuning – Supposedly inspired by the Mandalorian. Does not really light up your character, just glows gently above them when they have their weapon out. Is not useful for screenshot lighting.

K-NorCo B5B

Cost: 1,800 CC

Has a mount flourish where it expands and contracts. I think this one is loosely based on Andor.

Mandalorian Beskar Jetpack

Cost: 1,500 CC

Corporate Security Weapons

Corporate Security Blaster

Cost: 1,100 CC

Corporate Security Blaster Rifle

Cost: 1,100 CC

Corporate Security Sniper Rifle

Cost: 1,100 CC