Join the Fight Bundle now available! New speeder, 60-day time and Cartel Coins

News Date: September 21, 2023 Patch: 7.3.1a News Source

A new Subscription Bundle has been released today letting players hop into Legacy of the Sith content right away with a nifty new speeder that’s rideable at level 1! You can check out the details of this unique pack purchasable on steam or the SWTOR website down below, and keep scrolling for some in-game shots of the new speeder.


In short, for the new Join the Fight Bundle, you get 2-months of subscription time, plus 2,400 Cartel Coins, and a simple exclusive mount that has the bonus of being rideable even at level 1, for all of your current and future characters on all servers, for $40 USD.

You could also compare this bundle to the regular cost of a 2-months of subscription, which would be $15 a month, or $30 total – so if all your care about is the subscription time, you’ll be overpaying for this bundle. However, if you like Cartel Coins, this is a pretty good deal, as the Sub Time + Cartel Coins would add up to $50, so you get a “$10 discount” plus a free mount. If you’re looking for the best deal between subscription time and free stuff, that’s still got to be the Origin Deluxe Pack which is only $29,99, and includes 2-months subscription time,  1,050 Cartel Coins and a free Kakkran Daggerstar mount – all for the exact same price as a normal 2-months subscription, however you can only purchase it once every 6 months, unlike the “Join the Fight” bundle which is “Limit of 1 purchase per account.”.

The speeder itself, the K-NorCo B5C Mount, is fairly cute but simple, and is based off of the “like a Bantha” speeder in the Boba Fett series. You can see more about it below. I have heard some strange reports of the higher speeder levels not applying to it, mount while moving not applying to it, and companions may not be resummoned after dismounting – it’s main purpose is to give you an ez pz low-level mount. Don’t forget, if you have Legacy Level 2 or higher on your character, you can purchase mounting at level 1 for only 40,000 credits in your legacy unlocks!

Official Info

The Join the Fight bundle is now available on the SWTOR website and Steam!

This bundle includes:

  • 60 days of subscription time
    • A current subscription will allow players to experience the story content including the Legacy of the Sith expansion
  • 2400 cartel coins
  • The K-NorCo B5C Mount
    • This exclusive mount is rideable at level 1 so you can jump right into the fight

This bundle will be available on and Steam for $39.99 USD.


Can anyone purchase this offer?

Yes! Whether you are a new or existing player this is available for purchase. Note that you can only purchase this offer once per account. This bundle is also giftable on Steam if the player has an active Steam account linked to a valid SWTOR account.

How will I receive the items after purchase?

The subscription time and cartel coins will be automatically added to your account. The K-NorCo B5C Mount will be waiting for you in your character’s in-game mailbox. These items will be available on all of the characters on the account where the purchase was made allowing them to ride at first level.

Are there any restrictions on the items? 

All bundles and their items are non-tradeable and non-transferable.

How does this affect my time if I have a recurring subscription?
The time will be added to your account at the end of the current billing cycle, pushing the billing renewal date out by the same amount.

Is this offer limited time only? Or a permanent bundle?

There is no expiration on the bundle, so you definitely have time. – Jackie

K-Norco B5C in-game

Definitely comes with some newer texture work and a pretty comfy looking seat. Paintjob reminiscent of Phalanx’s Season Vehicles. Maybe inspired by Sabine’s Speeder in a recent show? Not a similar silhouette though. (EDIT: although the paintjob definitely feels sabine/phalanxy, shoutouts to Intisar over at This Week in Aurebesh for pointing out it’s a 1:1 silhouette of Boba’s “Like a Bantha” Speeder in his show.)

After purchase, you will need to relog before receiving your items.

The fuel line just ahead of the handlebars gets an honorable mention – it is animated in-game and you can see the fuel moving through it as if transparent.

Exhaust trail is pretty standard. Red lights in the very back above the jet, with orange-yellow lights near the rider’s feet. Unlike the recent Mandalorian Heavy Jet-Pack these don’t seem to change with color crystals or anything.

It’s clearly based off of the shape of Boba Fett’s speeder on Tatooine.