Early 2018 SWTOR Roadmap

This roadmap was released on February 15, 2018 and covers what will be coming in March and April of 2018.

March 13 – Game Update 5.8 – Command Authority


  • Release of Izax, The Destroyer – The 5th and final boss from the Gods from the Machine Operation, in story mode an veteran mode.
    • Although the operation is veteran mode, Izax in veteran mode will be extremely difficult, and will actually be tuned for Master Mode difficulty. So if you’re a raider, be ready for a difficult fight in Veteran mode!
    • There will not be a Master Mode version of the Operation
    • This is disappointing, because players were originally told there would be a Master Mode for all bosses in the operation. Personally I think this means they are focusing their resources on more commonly played group content like flashpoints and easier operation modes – I do not think many players have even completed the Veteran modes of the  Gods from the Machine operation, and there doesn’t seem to be as much love for it as some of the older operations like Terror from Beyond.
  • The developers are going to run a special Izax event for those who are worthy enough to defeat him. Everyone who does will have an opportunity to receive a new achievement, a special and unique Title, and a new and very enticing Legacy-based reward.
    • The event will be time locked between 5.8 and 5.9 (which is March 13th until April-ish). You must defeat Izax on Veteran Mode during that time to earn the reward – story mode does not count for the event.
    • Beating Izax during this period will grant you a time locked Achievement, exclusive title, and special reward within your legacy. After 5.9 you can no longer earn that Achievement or Title. The special reward will then become a very rare drop off of Izax which will be a BoP version, instead of Legacy-wide.
    • The Title and Reward will be rewarded at the launch of Game Update 5.9 in April 2018
    • I am very curious about the rewards!

Conquest Revamp:

  • The developers are well aware of the current conquest issues including isues with rewards being handed out – many players were not receiving their rewards for multiple weeks in a row
  • Substantial improvements to the Conquest system including a new interface, new daily objectives, new missions, and more. Most importantly, we have rewritten the backend system to ensure you benefit from your weekly efforts. Look for details in an upcoming blog or forum post.
  • A new Conquest Vendor will appear for those who complete their personal conquests each week. It’ll initially have Decorations and a new Companion boost called the Commander’s Compendium which will increase your active companion to influence level 50.


  • Introducing a new companion gift that can immediately raise the influence level of your companion to 50, but it’s expensive, requires some crafting, and requires you to complete your Personal Conquest objectives before you can purchase it from the vendor.
  • Arcann Romance – Everyone’s favorite former villain has had a change of heart and may be more “available” than he was previously. An Arcann romance quest will appear as an Alliance Alert. You must have completed KOTET and have him as a Companion to get the alert.
  • Companion Return: Vector – Imperial Agents will see the return of Vector Hyllus! Easily the best member of the Killik hivemind.
  • Companion Return: Ashara Zavros will return to the Sith Inquisitor’s side. How will things go with her former master?
  • Heads up, these two returning companions are locked to the Imperial agent and the Sith Inquisitor respectively. You won’t be able to get them if you are playing a different class like a Jedi Knight or Sith Warrior.

April – Game Update 5.9 – The Nathema Conspiracy

  • This year’s story has shown the final ramifications of the path that Valkorion first chose when he devastated Nathema, so it’s only natural that the developers are returning there to bring the Knights of the Eternal Throne traitor arc to its conclusion in the form of a Flashpoint called The Nathema Conspiracy.
  • New Augments! In the new Flashpoint, you’ll be able to get legacy-based Bind-on-Pickup Crafting Scehmatics which will drop randomly off mobs and Bosses. If you’re lucky, you may also find a Bind-on-Equip version of the same schematic.


  • Companion Return: Felix Iresso – The Jedi Consular’s loyal soldier has had a rough time these last few years – can the Consular help him? Felix will only be returning to Consulars.
  • Companion Return: Mako and Akaavi – Bounty Hunters and Smugglers are reunited with this duo, who’ve been working together during the players’ absence.  Mako and Akaavi will both be earnable by the Smuggler and the Bounty Hunter, unlike th other returning companions which are locked to a single class.

Class Changes

5.9 actually has some Utility changes for various classes, more details coming after 5.8 is out.

Season 9 PvP & PvP Updates

  • It is looking like Season 9 will end sometime in the summer, but that isn’t locked currently.
  • There is no new pvp content being released in 5.8 or 5.9 but that doesn’t mean it isn’t being planned or worked on.
  • Warzone matchmaking: This is on our radar as a quality of life change for PvP. It is a fairly large undertaking though and not currently in our plans. The interest is noted though.
  • Cheating: Wintrading is a constant thing we monitor and action. Backfilling has particularly popped up on our radar lately and we are digging deep to find and action those players.

Weapons in Outfit Designer

It is not currently slotted into our plans but we still have a high interest in doing it. So no updates on timing just yet! We will be sure to let you all know though should we get it into the plans.


Sadly, no mention of an expansion, but the developers did address it:

“We heard feedback from some of you indicating you missed having a more “traditional” expansion and you’d rather wait so it all comes at once. I like having updates released regularly versus waiting long periods of time in-between patches. Although this remains our current plan, we are also laying out what we’ll include in a 6.0 Game Update. We’ll keep you informed of our summer, fall and winter plans throughout the coming months.”

My guess is that we will not be seeing a full-fledged expansion or 6.0 in 2018, any time soon, but we may see one by December 2018 or early 2019. Fingers crossed!


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