ACOLYTE-inspired additions to the Cartel Market in 7.5b!

News Date: June 27, 2024 Patch: 7.5b News Source

Game update 7.5b has come with a lot of different bug fixes and changes, from Spring Abundance ending, Nar Shaddaa Modernizations on the horizon (Nightlife July 9th!), to reworks for the Basilisk Prototype Ventures. What may have flown under the radar for most folks however is the new items added to the cartel market!

Devoted Disciple Hairstyle (Unisex, 80 Cartel Coins)

The new hairstyle is only 80 CC and usable for all body types! This gorgeous decorated style is, according to our SWTOR community manager, “Inspired by a certain Master Jedi from The Acolyte”

Devoted Disciple Armor Set (1,900 Cartel Coins)

Next up is a wonderfully high definition jedi armor set that really captures the high republic aesthetic. Should be interesting to see how it dyes! This armor set has with it a feature very new to SWTOR, previously just seen in another Acolyte-inspired set: two different hood pieces, one tighter to the face and more of the standard hood we know, and a second, higher hood that allows you to keep your hair!

Devoted Disciple Lightsaber/Dualsaber (1,500 Cartel Coins)

An interesting addition to the bundle, these weathered bronzium-looking lightsabers have been confirmed to be an original design by the devs, as stated directly from a visiting developer in a stream chat! They definitely pair nicely with a green color crystal.