Update 7.2, Showdown on Ruhnuk, will be releasing on December 13, 2022!

Game Update 7.2: Showdown on Ruhnuk will launch on Tuesday, December 13th! Join Shae Vizla on her mission to find and take down Heta Kol in the next chapter of your Star Wars: The Old Republic journey.

New Story Teaser Trailer (spoilers!): 

In Game Update 7.2, explore Ruhnuk, an unknown and inhospitable planet that resides in the center of an electrical nebula. Shae Vizla continues her pursuit of Heta Kol to stop the Mandalorian clans from heading down the path to civil war in Showdown on Ruhnuk.

What’s in the update?

We have a full breakdown guide of what to expect in the new update – there’s a LOT!

The exact details should come on Monday December 12 with the patch notes.

What to expect in Update 7.2 in SWTOR, Showdown on Ruhnuk!

Here’s the quick list of what’s coming with the update:


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