Swtorista Expansion Launch Party!

Join me on February 15 at twitch.tv/swtorista for the SWTOR expansion live launch party!

🎇 8 – 10 AM PST: Pre-launch party! Giveaways!
🎇 10 AM: Servers come back up! Patch!
🎇 10 – 12 noon: NO SPOILERS! NO STORY! :)
🎇 12:30: New Story! Spoilers ahoy!

I will also be online most of February 16th as well, and the morning of the 17th! Our normal schedule is 8 – 10 AM PST every weekday but I planned a vacation on the end of the week expansion launch, oops! :)

Expansion Guides

How to Prepare for the Launch Pre-Launch

There is nothing you “must” do before the expansion, though it’s highly recommended to OPEN LEVEL 75 RENOWN BOXES as they are being removed after the expansion launches!

Quick List:

  1. Download the Game (if you don’t already have it installed)
  2. Level Your Characters (to 75)
  3. Catch Up on Story (Solo Story Path Guide)
  4. Renown Achievements (retiring)
  5. Spoils of War Achievements (changing)
  6. Social Points (changing)
  7. Dark vs Light Tokens (sort of retiring)
  8. Dark and Light Alignment (Dark V & Light V achievements unlock new options in the expansion)
  9. Crafting Augment Kits (handy)
  10. Clean Your Inventory and Quest List
  11. Stockpile Credits (Credits Guide)
  12. Daydream About New Character Combinations
  13. Open any Renown Caches you have on level 75 characters before the expac
  14. Save Tech Fragments (info)