SWTOR Rampage Guide

Rampage is a commonly seen objective in Star Wars: The Old Republic which requires players to kill a certain amount of enemies, on a specific planet. In this guide, we’ll be going through the easiest places to find large groups of easily-defeatable enemies so you can quickly gather them up and take them out.

UPDATE 2022: This article is no longer useful.

What is Rampage?

“Rampage” is actually a nickname given to any objective where you need to kill a ton of enemies on a planet. Players will usually refer specifically to Conquest Rampage, the Rampage required for Galactic Seasons, or the actual Rampage achievements.

Conquest rampage

Conquest rampage usually refers to going around with a large guild group, or solo, and finding lots of enemies to kill for conqiest points by complete the “Defeat Enemies” in the conquest objectives list. If you are unfamiliar with what Conquest is, you’ll want to first check out my video called SWTOR Conquest guide. In the Conquest objective list,

SWTOR Conquest Guide

Galactic Seasons Rampage

“Rampage” is also a nickname for the newer priority objectives that require you to defeat 75 enemies in the Galactic Seasons system. If you aren’t up to speed on Galactic Seasons and how the priority objectives work, you can view my Galactic Seasons guide.

SWTOR Galactic Seasons Guide and Rewards

At the moment, there are also some objectives unique to Galactic Seasons that involve specifically attacking insectoid enemies.

  • Defeat Alderaan Insectoids
  • Defeat Balmorra Insectoids
  • Defeat Galactic Insectoids
  • Defeat Ossus Insectoids
  • Defeat Tatooine Insectoids
  • Defeat Voss Insectoids

– Balmorra: Toxic bombs, super easy, don’t fall off
– Balmorra: A Question of Motivation, super easy – DONT STOP TO FIGHT, just run through and press the three buttons and let your companion take the heat
– Balmorra: The Republic’s Last Gasp –
– Corellia: Corsec Crackdown – Ignore other ene,ies, find a prove droid, loot it, go to new location, activate mission item, fight a bunch of weak enemies that show up but its pretty fast

Rampage Achievements

There are also a handful of achievements for every players called “Rampage” that often require killing thousands of enemies, and this is where the Rampage nickname came from.

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