New free SWTOR item! Heta Kol poster, code: LOTSofSWTOR and redeem before July 15, 2021!

1. Go to
2. Click redeem code (you may need to log in then go back to that page after)
3. Put in the code: LOTSofSWTOR
4. Next time you log in to a character in-game, check your mailbox, the item will be there
5. You get one item per character, but can repeat getting it from your mailbox on other characters ,for a total of up to 50 poster decorations
6. You can then use it to decorate your player housing!

This must be redeem BEFORE July 15, 2021. You can redeem the code before then even if you can’t get ingame before then, so redeem it even if you do not have the game downloaded.