Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event Changes, Max-Bet slot machines, VIP slot machine area, and reward locations!

The SWTOR Nightlife event is now live until September 13! There is new weapons, new pets, a new mount and a new type of slot machine in the VIP Fleet area with Max Bet tokens.

If you wanted to know what the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife weapons sound like and look like I made a quick sounds playlist for all of them! Don’t forget you can get them directly from the GTN too!

Here’s the new mount, the Lucky Pritarr mount. I think you need to win all these new prizes directly from the machine rather than from the vendors with tokens #SWTOR

And here’s the new pets, very colorful: Fiery Grefna Chick, Proud Pritarr Cub, and Shimmering Ginx #SWTOR from the nightlife event. I think these need to all be won, not bought.

There are some new types of slot machines VIP section of the fleet called “Max Bet” slot machines (they look the same, so roll over them to see which ones they are.) If you don’t have a VIP wristband you can buy one from the droid at the cantina for 1 mill credits. #SWTOR

In the VIP area, there’s a vendor that sells every type of token including the normal tokens and max bet tokens. You can also trade in old tokens for max bet ones. #SWTOR

It’s clear prices are high to help bring inflation down.

I’m still not sure what the odds are or what you can win from each different machine and the new ones are.

I put in 75 Kingpin Max bet tokens and it still had a 50% fail rate. #SWTOR

I hesitantly bought a Max Bet Emperor’s Casino chip and… won back 15 Emperor’s normal casino chips, not even enough to turn back in for another token. #SWTOR Very disappointing. So expensive!

I would be careful buying the Max Bet tokens right now, I can’t tell if the rewards/rate are actually any better than their non-max-bet-counterparts. #SWTOR

I spent 1 billion for this:

I am hearing reports that you can get all the new items from the NORMAL EMPEROR’S SLOT MACHINE. #SWTOR

I’m not sure if something is broken, or what’s going on, Imma go gamble there instead now and see.

ppl saying they are winning the new prizes on the much cheaper normal Emperor’s slot machine

If you do happen to win one of the new weapons in the #SWTOr nightlife event, keep in mind they are “Bind on Equip” which means, they will be stuck on the first character you equip them to, but more important, if you don’t equip, you can BUY/SELL them on the GTN!! Cash money!

DO NOT PLAY THE MAX BET MACHINES. I don’t know what the issue is, but you can win all the same prizes with better rates and cheaper costs from the normal Emperor’s Grace slot Machines including the new items. #SWTOR Please spread the news.

The rest of my experiment: I got 25 Emperor’s Grace normal tokens, put them in the normal machine, cost 187 mil creds – I got more prizes, better prizes, and more fun than spending 900 mill on the Max Bet ones. I won two new weapons, mount, and my dear baby gonk droid. #SWTOR

No new achievements for anyone wondering for the nightlife event #SWTOR (I’m only missing the one where the machine explodes, worth 50 points.) Bonus: achievement colors are back!

Confirmation from Bioware that the slot machines are “working as intended”. #SWTOR

I still 1000000% recommend ignore the Max Bet machine and only use the normal Emperor’s Grace slot machine much better return on value, time and fun.

A more objective point of view on the odds from player Iokona, #swtor
I’d still recommend the non-max-bet-Emperor’s-Grace machines as the most fun, least cost machines.

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