It’s Official! Knights of the Old Republic – Remade has been announced!

Hello everyone I’m so incredibly excited to announce that the very old game, Knights of the Old Republic from 2003, which is the precursor game to Star Wars: The Old Republic and sets up much of the lower in the old Republic era is getting a full remake.

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This incredible announcement is something that players have been hoping for dreaming for for years and it was officially announced a rather the trailer was shown at a Sony PlayStation event online this remake of the old solo game will be created by a spire and this is a very interesting company to have chosen to work on this game by Lucasfilm because a spire has actually been very intertwined with the older Star Wars gaming community for quite a while their most well known for taking a nice of the old Republic the older solo game and bringing it to iOS bring it to iPhones and iPads they also worked on bringing you some of the older games like Star Wars Jedi knight Jedi academy one of the most beloved older games to the modern age so they can function on newer computers I know many stars the old Republic players have either played Knights of the Old Republic and love it many of you at has ignited your love for Star Wars legends and expanded universe content outside the movies.

I know there are also many of you have maybe heard about it kind of on the side and don’t know much about it in short it’s a solo game there’s no multi player aspect it’s a role playing game so it’s kind of similar to Star Wars: The Old Republic the combat was a bit older style where you could actually pause the game and in short it told the story of the rise of revenue start off as a character on a ship you have to go rescue Bastilla who’s actually the great great great great grandmother of city Satele Shan and you’re basically searching for these ancient star maps that will lead you to an incredible a deadly and horrific weapon that needs to be stopped and along the way you get to learn about how Revan became revenant and and the beginning of his story that picks up later in Star Wars: The Old Republic and in the last camp there those of you who have tried the.

Current Knights of the Old Republic came and dwelt it’s a game from 2003 the graphics are from 2003 and were actually originally designed for the Xbox not even for a computer and they are very dated at this point on top of the graphics being very dated the combat style is not something that’s very popular in current games it’s very strategic it’s very it’s a lot slower and you have the ability to really pause the game and pick what you want to play what really shines about the game is the story and the voice acting which at the story I think I would be fair to say is even better than Star Wars: The Old Republic because stars your public has to focus on having 8 different stories that all kind of intertwined together in some way or another there is no true main character like there can be in a real solo single player game like Knights of the Old Republic the voice acting is actually just as phenomenal and fantastic and has many of the same voice actors as Star Wars: The Old Republic but if you can’t get past those older 2003 graphics and you can’t get past that the older style of combat many of you may have never finished Knights of the Old Republic or may not have even started playing it because it just didn’t suit your style this is one of the reasons I’m so incredibly excited about the remake I’m one of those players who played it way way way back in the day it’s what got me into Star Wars gaming.

welcomed me into playing star were sealed or public so I’m very excited to go back and experience it in a new way and I’m also excited for you guys to build experience the story of revenue in a newer format with updated graphics so for those of you who started gaming later down the line you can still going joy this incredible story when the remake comes out so I mentioned earlier this was shown on the Sony PlayStation live event there’s actually a lot of confusion when this trailer first came out because there is nothing that said it would be on the computer hatch said a police station but we did get some later confirmation.

From both Aspyr media who’s creating it as well as from Lucasfilm and Star that it will be released on both the PlayStation 5 as well as the PC’s the PCS computer what we placed our silver public on one important thing I’ve been trying to get clarification about is will it come out at the same time on PS 5 as computer we don’t know we have 3 different sources confirming that it will be on both but none of them are 100 percent clear about whether it will be at the same time everyone kind of seems to have their own interpretation any guess especially weird because PlayStation and consoles in general like to use the word exclusive like PS 5 exclusive doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be on PC it just means it’s not going to be on the Xbox anytime soon sorry Xbox players I know this feels like a huge betrayal I can only assume that although this game first came out on the Xbox later down the line with a new company working on it as well as 2 new consoles to look into for both the PlayStation and Xbox I assume that PlayStation offered more money and more importantly it seems like PlayStation is offering a lot of support a spire really sounds like they want to make a next generation game really I put it to the Max when it comes to technical prowess as well as graphics so spire is only interactive entertainment are joining forces together along with Lucasfilm games to remake the classics hours adventure so it looks like they’re getting a lot of support from PlayStation which will be great because they really can’t screw this game up it’s incredibly important for Lucasfilm to do this game justice because the whole Star Wars game world is watching so for those of you who have played the original game probably one of your biggest questions is is it going to be just a graphical update kind of like they’ve done for mass effect where they are pre textured everything made it good for newer computers and make it a big and beautiful or are they going to be remaking the game.

The developers of the game had made it very very clear this is not going to be just a graphical overhaul so here’s what they said they’re going to be rebuilding the game from the ground up so here’s the interesting little quote.

hardware expenses and as our game making prowess advances and a storytelling techniques advance what better time to allow players to re experience this great story with all those lessons learned and bring it back to modern platforms using modern methods so with those quotes I would really really expect a lot of the gameplay to change I wouldn’t expect any of the gameplay to stay the same at all for example I don’t think the combat will be the same I don’t think moving around will be the same I don’t think the wife will be the same I don’t think items are crafting will be the same expect all that to change completely so what about this story this story is absolutely the strongest part of this old 2003 game and it carries through all the way to now and still being a phenomenal story if not presented in the most modern tech here’s a quote from remakes in any medium can be a dicey proposition change too much and you can ruin the magic change too little and what’s the point then there’s a way to fan expectation Kellogg and Treadwell as fans themselves understand all this completely and have it top of mind.

This is something that is important and impactful says tried while our big goals on this are to bring the story to a modern audience and have it be just as impactful today as it was for players when it originally launched in the article they also talk a lot about they’re discussing especially with the original team why certain choices were made was it because of a technical problem or was it an actual story decision here’s another quote we’re just going to be able to do more things with acid for IT and fidelity and storytelling that just weren’t possible then but are still going to meet the same goal.

So from everything else in this article I think they’re going to be keeping the core story updates of the old Republic the same they seem to be trying to like make big notes and big discussions about what are the most important parts of the story and keep those authentic keep those similar keep those with the same feelings that they got for original players way back in the day that made this such an amazing game to play they’ve also hired some writers that multiple so there’s a good chance that at they are going to be either adding storytelling updating some of the existing story in the game and there will be some changes along the way so don’t expect this to be a 10 to 10 faithful reproduction of Knights of the Old Republic just with updated gameplay there will be some changes to the story what about the voice actors like I said earlier the story is phenomenal but it’s brought by a phenomenal team of voice actors much in the same way that stars your public stands out with its fully voiced animated cut scenes with some of the best voice actors in the industry here’s another quote from the article I can confirm that that is Jennifer Hale we all think the world of Jennifer she’s an amazing talent and immediately slip back into the role of Bastilla out when she came to help us with the teaser trailer Treadwell says I do think that you’re going to see some other familiar voices return but that’s probably as deep as we’re going to go on that right now.

So I don’t think it’s 100 percent clear if they’re going to be using the old audio files if they’re going to be completely re recording but it does sound like with Jennifer Hale coming back for the audio of the trailer that they may be re recording and they will be bringing back some of the original voice actors I think it would be foolhardy to say yes they’re gonna have absolutely all the same cast but I have a feeling they’re going to try and get as many as they can what graphics what’s it gonna look like the only thing we know so far we don’t have any gameplay footage we don’t have any in game footage and it kind of sounds like they’re not quite there yet in the article they talk a lot about having discussions and be in the decision phase for many parts of the game so I doubt that development has actually started yet but the trailer shows a very very beautifully rendered rather than top the line kind of graphics and here’s a quote from the article in terms of graphics and feel the teaser trailer does convey something else about the game it is absolutely going to be a cutting edge experience Kellogg says so for now we’re just gonna have to wait and see what comes to the engine the graphics and all of that kind of thing the next question I’ve seen come up is is Bioware working on this project is this going to be a Bioware game and it’s a very strong note so Bioware created the first game Knights of the Old Republic a second company at named obsidian created Knights of the Old Republic to obsidian has actually gotten merge into Microsoft games and this remade version of Knights of the Old Republic one is going to be completely created by a spire Bioware is not involved though they have hired some of the previous by our team to work on this new version of the game but it will not be a Bioware game so Bioware actually put out a nice little comment out on social media earlier and they said we’re proud of the work we did on the original Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and genuinely cannot wait to play aspires remake.

As we continue our work on Star Wars: The Old Republic we will watch with great interest may the force be with you I think the last biggest question that everyone is asking is when will this come out we have literally no idea when they took the old Republic remade it will be released we have not been given any type of time line or anything like that I think it’s safe to say based on the various articles from PlayStation and that it is quite far away still though I think it’s going to be at least a few years before it comes out so don’t be holding your breath for to come out in the next couple months or anything like that I’ve also seen a bunch of you wondering whether you should play the old Knights of the Old Republic in the meantime and I haven’t really settled down on a solid yes or no answer many players who try it now who haven’t played in the past go back and say sorry it’s far too clunky the graphics are too outdated it was kind of a waste of time for me to try it and of course other of you who are especially focused on the story are absolutely going to love it and they’re going to enjoy I’m sure seeing the differences between the old version and the upcoming remade version I would love to hear your guises comments below about whether you think it’s a good idea to go and play the old version Alec would you recommend it to someone who hasn’t played it before especially with the idea that the remake will come out that they could then play later I hope you guys enjoyed this super in depth video about everything we know and what we don’t know about the Knights of the Old Republic remake as we wait for it to come out I will of course be continuing to cover Star Wars: The Old Republic see you guys later and may the force be with you.

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