Conflicting Priorities Story (Short 6.2.1 Cutscene related to Zenith)

Conflicting Priorities is a short new cutscene quest that follows the Spirit of Vengeance storyline.

This is the transcript from the video, or what you will see when you turn on Closed Captions that are automatically added by YouTube – they aren’t perfect but they’re pretty close. Sadly they can’t identify which character is talking.

Automated Transcript
(Hylo Visz, Lana Beniko and The Commander)

Welcome to the party Commander
not much of one today since everyone is
busy rushing around
we’re receiving countless requests from
across the galaxy most are handled
simply enough
yeah but some of those asks are draining
our supplies as fast as we get them
hyper matter people ammo even food it’s
getting hard to keep up
is there anything we can do about it get
more of well
everything people ships fuel time
you know the easy stuff we simply have
to do more with less
we have some proposed solutions but
there are recent developments that we
should discuss first
santa ray and i along with the members
of our force enclave here on odessa
have kept a watchful eye for any further
signs of Valkorian’s influence
I really missed the days when dead
people stayed dead
we are hopeful the force feels different
lighter somehow as if Valkorian’s very
existence was a weight that none of us
our enclave the voss i’m told that even
Satele’s students have felt the change
it seems our ancient enemy is well and
truly gone
unsurprisingly anyone sensitive to it
felt that shift
the question now is how do we proceed
do you have a recommendation i suggest
keeping the members of our enclave
vigilant for any sign of him
best not to take any chances so
on to the mandalorians it’s a pretty
crazy time for them
Shae Vizla’s taken down half the
Dar’manda on Mek-sha but hasn’t gotten any
closer to this field marshall cole
indigo never was a hands-on manager
probably didn’t even know his people
were involved
as promised jakaya ordo has been aiding
our operations in shae’s place
despite the turmoil in the clans he’s
helped to secure escorts for our cargo
is piracy really such a big problem
afraid so
going back to the numerous requests
we’ve received for assistance from our
allies across the galaxy
we have a potential solution we already
employ a number of incredibly skilled
and resourceful individuals who could
likely handle these requests
alone or in small teams additionally
between my contacts and theran’s there
are a number of
outside assets we could recruit to
fulfill our allies needs
as we’ve done before if those assets
prove useful
we can bring them into the fold
officially sort of field test if you
I get the feeling you already have one
of these tests in mind
naturally our first situation is on
balmora they’re prepping a big shipment
of turbo lasers for a republic base on
problem is the imps know about it
they’re gonna ambush the shipment
admiral ego has someone in mind for the
job resistance fighter from balmora he’s
a Twi’lek goes by the name
Zenith really hates imperials figured
he’d love to ambush the ambushers
so we give Zenith the info about the
he does his thing everyone walks away
except the imps i guess what do you
have Bey’won reach out to Zenith and
we’ll go from there
great I’ll let the admiral know he can
get started i believe that’s it for
today Commander
I’ll let everyone else know what was
discussed thank you for your time