Season 13 and the Future of PvP + Developer Updates

Recently there has been a lot of discussion by both developers and players about the future of PvP and Ranked PvP. Here are some posts from Chris Schmidt, Lead Designer. There is an update from him below it as well.

First Post

Hi friends,

As we alluded to in our Season 12 ending post, we wanted to make sure we had a lot more clarity around what rewards you can expect in Seasons going forward. Season 13 will be kicking off in a few weeks (currently targeting the last week of July), so let’s talk a bit about some of our thoughts on PvP going forward, including upcoming changes and rewards!

PvP Rewards
Longer term, we’re looking at the season and reward structure for PvP to make sure they fulfill our guiding principles: meaningful rewards for meaningful effort, and a compelling reason to play each new season. In the short term, this means trying some new things to see if we can create more healthy queues and a better playing environment. For Season 13, we want to increase the overall rewards earned from playing, and more specifically winning, PvP (especially ranked) matches. There are quite a few changes coming in patch 6.1.2b this week to move towards that goal. Here goes:


General Changes:

  • Increased the number of Renown points and Tech Fragments received from PvP Missions.
  • Warzone Medpacs and Adrenals have been added to PvP Missions.
  • Player will now receive Legendary Ember as rewards in the following Missions:
    [DAILY] Arena of Death!: 1 Ember

    [WEEKLY] Go Berserk!: 5 Ember

    [WEEKLY] Time for Pain!: 1 Ember

The following changes have been made to Solo Ranked Rewards. Similar changes have been made to Group Ranked Rewards and Unranked Rewards and full details for those will be in the upcoming patch notes this week.

Players now receive a Premium Warzone Crate for a Solo Ranked loss, and a Prototype Warzone Crate for a Solo Ranked victory.

The following changes have been made to the Daily Ranked Warzone Lockbox:

  • Increased chance at a random set bonus or tactical item
  • Now receive 4 equipment pieces (up from 3)
  • Now receive 4 mods (up from 3)
  • 5% chance for a Legendary Ember
  • New chance for a Satchel of Crafting Mats (Grade 11)
  • Warzone Adrenals and Medpacs have been removed from lockboxes
  • Renown Trophies have been removed from lockboxes

The following changes have been made to the Weekly Ranked Warzone Lockbox:

  • Increased chance at a random set bonus or tactical item
  • Now receive 8 equipment pieces (up from 5)
  • Now receive 8 mods (up from 5)
  • 10% chance for a Legendary Ember
  • Now receive 18 Satchels of Crafting Mats (Grade 11) (up from 5)
  • Now receive 36 Processed Isotope Stabilizer
  • Warzone Adrenals and Medpacs have been removed from lockboxes
  • Renown Trophies have been removed from lockboxes

The following new Conquest PVP Objectives have been added. Group Ranked and Unranked have the same Objectives, but with differing point values.

Solo Ranked Objectives:

  • 9750 points: Achiever – Weekly Repeatable (Complete Weekly PvP Mission)
  • 4000 points: Infinite Domination – Infinite Repeatable (Win 10 or more matches)
  • 1100 points: Medalist – Infinite Repeatable (Gain 8 Medals in a single match)
  • 9750 points: Total Domination – Weekly Repeatable (Win 10 matches)
  • 2000 points: Victorious – Daily Repeatable (Win a match)
  • 5800 points: Victorious 2 – Daily Repeatable (Win 2 matches)
  • 7500 points: Victorious 3 – Daily Repeatable (Win 3 matches)

Note: In the update kicking off Season 13, all missions will be changed to require wins for completion and rewards.

Requiring wins for mission completion allows us to increase the quality and quantity of rewards, in addition to lowering any incentive to play poorly or farm gear and materials via losses. The goal is to increase the overall quality of matches.

The TL;DR: of all of these changes are you should expect to see an increase in rewards for winning matches, anywhere from 2x to 4x Tech Fragments and Embers, especially if you are disassembling the additional mod and gear rewards.

There are quite a few changes coming to PvP match rewards in Season 13 – let us know your thoughts!

Season 13 Rewards, Replicas, and Beyond
When we moved to bringing back prior Season (Replica) rewards, we did this to help supplement existing Seasonal rewards. In general, we weren’t distributing as many larger, unique rewards as we did previously and so we wanted to make sure there was a larger quantity to choose from. There was also certainly a desire to be able to earn those retired rewards. We know there was friction around the ending of Season 12 and lack of clarity around the Season 3 Replicas. Our plan is to get the rest of the replicas to you in a quicker manner than we have so far, but also to resolve some of the bigger concerns around Seasonal rewards.

Season 13’s unique reward will be a brand new armor set in addition to all of the standard Seasonal rewards, such as the Seasonal Titles, Flairs, Frames, and Battle Flags. Stay tuned to our next livestream or the Season 13 launch article for a sneak peek at the armor set.

Also, throughout the course of Season 13 and into the start of Season 14, we are going to bring out all of the remaining replicas. No more waiting for one to come back each Season! Stay tuned for a future update on exactly when you can expect each drop, starting later this Summer. It is not intended that they return in a sequential order, so we want to be clear in what order they will drop:

  1. Predacious Weapon Set (Season 6) and Commanding Weapon Set (Season 8)

    50,000 pvp tokens for each Weapon Set

  2. Gladiator Weapon Set (Season 5) and Giradda’s Acklay Mount (Season 7)

    50,000 for the weapon set, 200,000 for the mount

  3. Furious Armor and Weapon Sets (Season 3)

    100,000 each for the armor sets (there are 4), 50,000 for the Weapon Set

Reminder that Replica rewards do not use unique currency for purchase so you can start saving now! As mentioned above, replicas were meant as a supplement to Seasonal rewards as we were no longer doing our bigger PvP rewards. The underlying reason that we are moving the replicas out at a quicker pace is that we want to return to doing exactly that! Here is what that means. Sometime (at least a few months) after the Replica Furious Armor set returns, we are going to completely retire the replica rewards from the vendor going forward. We want to make sure we give everyone ample notice, and ample time to get all of the rewards that they want. At that point, it is our intention to move back to higher quality PvP rewards than we have been giving you recently. To be frank, we want to make new, unique PvP prestige rewards worth battling over! This is many months away,so there aren’t a ton of specifics to share yet, but just know that our intention is that PvP should be a fun, fair place to battle it out, and one where you are properly rewarded for those efforts! We will share more when we get closer.

And there it is! Big changes to the rewards you can expect from PvP, details on what rewards you can expect in S13 (images to follow with the Season start), and a roadmap on the remaining replicas. We hope this adds clarity to PvP Seasonal rewards going forward! Stay tuned for more updates, and thanks for making it through the post of many words!

-Chris “BioChris” Schmidt, Lead Designer

Second Post

Hey Friends,

Just wanted to follow up on some of the conversations happening around the changes we’ve talked about in this thread, and what action we’re taking over the short and long term to address a couple concerns.

First, let’s start by talking about the change that has driven the most discussion: The extension of the Deserter debuff to Unranked for those that leave a match early (coming in patch 6.1.2d).

The premise of this change is in-line with our goal of PvP being a fun, fair place to play. When a player leaves a warzone (or afk’s), they are affecting the experience for the other 15 players in the match. This sort of behavior artificially adds friction to the experience, and disproportionately affects the ‘fun’ and ‘fairness’ for everyone else. We will not support this behavior with our systems, but we must ask ourselves why players are motivated to use this type of action?

Well, y’all have been very clear and vocal about many of these reasons. So let’s get into it:


We hear you that performance in warzones continues to be an issue, especially since the 6.0 update. In particular, you have all indicated performance in the Vandin and Quesh Huttball maps are especially egregious.

What we’re doing about it: In the short term, in the upcoming patch 6.1.2d, we will remove the Vandin and Quesh Huttball maps from rotation until we can solve the performance issues with those particular maps.

Longer term, we are profiling the root of performance issues in general (de-syncs, hitches, slide show experiences) across the board in order to provide you with a smooth, fun experience. No ETA on this, but we have already begun in earnest and are committed to fixing it.


We hear you that you would rather choose which maps or modes to play, to avoid the ones you don’t like and play what is the most fun for you. In particular, Odessen Proving Grounds comes up often as one of the least popular modes, in particular in Unranked since it can be difficult to coordinate team play in a random queue situation.

So let’s talk a bit about the map rotation. Currently, and for some time now, we favor map variety over match type variety.

We categorize match types into 5 categories, plus arenas:

  • Capture Point
    • Alderaan Civil War
    • Novare Coast
    • Yavin Ruins
  • Huttball
    • Nar Shaddaa (Original map)
    • Quesh
    • Vandin
  • Odessen Proving Grounds (OPG)
  • Ancient Hypergates
  • Voidstar

In favoring map variety, each map has an equal chance to pop once a match is created.

One note about Arena maps – they are not in the regular rotation, and will only pop when there is insufficient population to support an 8v8 match. So you will most often see these in lower level brackets or when the queues have low population in general. An arena match should be relatively rare.

Back to map variety, you would be right to note if each map is equally weighted, you are three times as likely to get a Capture Point or Huttball match type than any other, since there are three times as many maps in those modes.

So if you’re a player who dislikes one particular mode, particularly if that mode is OPG, why should you be forced to play it?

What we’re doing about it: In the short term, in the upcoming patch 6.1.2d, we will adjust the map rotation to favor match variety over map variety. What this means is that you will have an equal chance to have a Capture Point, Huttball, Ancient Hypergates, or Voidstar match type pop.

The exception is OPG, which we hear from y’all is the least popular match type currently. We aren’t removing it completely from the rotation for now, but the likelihood that match type will pop will be very small. Longer term we will take a hard look and address the issues with OPG that makes it less popular.

Longer term, we agree that a welcomed and healthy addition to the game would be the ability to choose which match types and/or maps you want or do not want to play. As with any new feature, this requires investigation and an assessment of the scope of work before we can commit to a timeframe, however that work has already begun. We are committed to this feature and will update y’all with more information, especially on timing, when we have it.


A couple of other topics that were asked about:

The currency for the remaining Replica Rewards will not be Season specific tokens, but the non-seasonal Ranked PvP Reward Tokens. We will also convert this currency into a Legacy currency in a future update, so feel free to earn tokens on whichever character you like until then.

We intend to bring back Replica versions of the remaining mounts as well. Stay tuned for the rollout plan there.

Thanks again for engaging in discussion around these topics. I look forward to updating everyone on our progress in the future!


Questions or comments? Feel free to send me a message on Twitter @swtorista, Reddit /u/swtorista, Youtube Swtorista channel or by e-mail at the same name with at the end. Have fun out there and may the Force be with you. ~ Swtorista