Decorating the Copero Stronghold

Decorating the Copero Stronghold

Are you looking for some beautiful decorations to decorate your Copero Stronghold with? I’ve put together a list of different decorations that might look nice with Copero’s natural colors! Feel free to use this list for inspiration and ideas, or mix it and match it with any other decorations you think might fit your theme! Some of these decorations can be earned in-game, some are actually from the Copero flashpoint, some are from other Reputation tracks like Onderon and Makeb, some are crafted, and some are from the Cartel Market.

What does Copero look like?

These are some of the locations in the Traitor Among the Chiss flashpoint for inspiration! Copero is similar to Mediterranean terraced cliff-side cities, with many tropical plants, ferns and palm trees. Light-colored stone is used for furniture, buildings and paving.

A Traitor Among the Chiss

Galactic Seasons

Cartel Market Singles

Palm Trees

Luxury Spa Bundle

Luxury Bundle

Feast of Prosperity


These golden decorations from the Secrets of the Enclave flashpoint would fit in great in the Copero stronghold.

Secrets of the Enclave

Restored Jedi Enclave Decoration Bundle

Ancient Jedi Decoration Bundle


Although Onderon is an entirely different planet, there are many decoration elements that are similar and might fit well together.

Onderon Civic Decoration Bundle

Onderon Botanic Decoration Bundle Decorations

Onderon Reputation

Nathema Flashpoint Plants

Voss Decorations

Voss also isn’t Copero, but it has a lot of decorations in it that might make your Copero stronghold feel very cosy.

Interpreter’s Retreat Furniture


Interpreter’s Retreat Stone

Cartel Market

Makeb and Topiary


Want to invite the Chiss into your stronghold or show off your Chiss pride?

Have a suggestion or correction? Go to the Swtorista Website Discord and post your report in the #decorations channel. You will need to make a free Discord account.