Decorating the Tatooine Stronghold

Decorating the Tatooine Stronghold

Are you looking for some desert decorations to decorate your Tatooine Stronghold with? I’ve put together a list of different decorations that might look nice with Tatooine’s sandy location! Feel free to use this list for inspiration and ideas, or mix it and match it with any other decorations you think might fit your theme. Some of these decorations can be earned in-game, some are from other Reputation tracks like Ruhnuk, some are crafted, and some are from the Cartel Market.

Sand People

The ‘tribal’ decorations in the game are actually the same designs as the Sand People / Tusken Raiders in the game.


“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”



Cactus from Ruhnuk Reputation

Starship Hooks

There are two Starship hooks in the Tatooine stronghold – one is outdoors on a landing pad, the other is indoors. Don’t forget you can change up the layout if you’d rather use the Starship Hooks as normal hooks, especially in the indoors room.

This is a fairly rare decoration on the GTN, but it fits in the starship hook on Tatooine!

If you’re looking for another decoration that isn’t a ship for your landing platform, try these.

And there’s of course lots of ships to choose from. My favorite is the Smuggler’s ship.

Krayt Dragon

Native to the desert of Tatooine, the Krayt Dragon is a great addition to your Tatooine stronghold.

Misc. Cartel

Tatooine Art

Primitive Dweller’s Bundle

Tatooine Arena Bundle

Daimyo Decoration Bundle

Exiled Mercenary Bundle

Luxury Resort Decoration Bundle

Stronghold Luxury Bundle

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