Decorating the Alderaan Stronghold

Decorating the Alderaan Stronghold

Are you looking for some royal decorations to decorate your Alderaan Stronghold with? I’ve put together a list of different decorations that might look nice with Alderaan’s mountain-top location! Feel free to use this list for inspiration and ideas, or mix it and match it with any other decorations you think might fit your theme. Some of these decorations can be earned in-game, some are from other Reputation tracks like Onderon, some are crafted, and some are from the Cartel Market


If you want to tap in to Alderaan’s culture, the game as a bunch of different noble house banners you can use.


There are a couple different throne decorations in the game, but the Alderaanian Throne is crafted and the most well known. Its design matches that of House Thul.

Alderaan Noble Bundle

Noble Decos

The Senator’s Lounger is a crafted deco, and can be paired with the free Noble Facade decoration.


The Luxury Bed (Plum) is a crafted decoration (above) fits really nicely with other purple decorations in the Alderaan stronghold.


The Alderaan Nobility Statue (above) is a really great crafted decoration you can place in the Alderaan stronghold.

Starship Hooks

There are two Starship hook areas in the Alderaan stronghold. The first area is 4 full Starship hooks near the start of the stronghold, in the grass. You can either place ships or other large decorations there, or change the Hook Layout and take advantage of that large area with many smaller decorations like trees, plants or statues. The other Starship hooks are located off the edge of the mountain in the upper area – you can’t walk to them, but you can place decorations on them and see them when you look over the mountain side.

All Starship Hook Decorations







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