Coral Reef

Coral Reef (SWTOR Decoration)

Coral Reef SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

Coral Reef Large Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Large (Purple Square)

The Coral Reef decoration fits into a large purple square floor hook.

Hook: Centerpiece (Giant Purple Square)

The Coral Reef decoration fits into a giant purple square floor hook with beams of light.

How to Get a Coral Reef Decoration

Reputation Decoration Requires Legend rank with the Manaan Reputation group
Reputation Decoration Costs 750,000 Credits
Yes this item decoration can be bought on the GTN! Bought and sold on the GTN from other players BUT still requires the reputation rank

Manaan Decorations

Manaan decorations can be earned by completing dailies on the level 80+ planet of Manaan.

How to Start: To start the Manaan dailies, which will earn you Manaan Reputation, your character needs to be fully caught up with the story including the Onslaught expansion and the Legacy of the Sith expansion, and have fully completed the Manaan storyline called Uncertain Cooperation Republic side, and Veiled Threats Imperial side.

Manaan Daily guide

Coral Reef: To get and use the Coral Reef decoration, you will need to have earned the Legend rank with the Manaan Infiltration Specialists Reputation group. Then you can visit the Reputation vendor on Manaan and buy the item for 750,000 Credits.

Additional Info

Reputation: Requires Legend standing with Manaan Infiltration Specialists

Selkath Environmentalists hotly debate whether this form of coral should be considered a non-native bio-engineered plant rather than a native ‘true’ coral as as it appeared in the Ocean’s ecosystem after the ‘true’ coral of Selkath’s Oceans suffered the threat of extinction prior to the inclusion of Manaan into the Republic after the fall of the Infinite Empire.

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