Carbonite Bounty (Smuggler)

Carbonite Bounty (Smuggler) (SWTOR Decoration)

Carbonite Bounty (Smuggler) SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

Carbonite Bounty (Smuggler) Medium Wall Hook

Hook: Wall Medium (Blue Square)

The Carbonite Bounty (Smuggler) decoration fits into a blue medium square wall hook.
Carbonite Bounty (Smuggler) Large Wall Hook

Hook: Wall Large (Purple Rectangle)

The Carbonite Bounty (Smuggler) decoration fits into a large purple rectangle wall hook.

How to Get a Carbonite Bounty (Smuggler) Decoration

Reputation Decoration Requires Hero rank with the Bounty Brokers Association (Bounty Event) Reputation group
Reputation Decoration Costs 1 Completed Bounty Contract
Yes this item decoration can be bought on the GTN! Bought and sold on the GTN from other players BUT still requires the reputation rank

Reputation Decorations

Reputation decorations are a type of decoration that can only be earned through reputation. Players who have the correct reputation rank can buy reputation decorations from a reputation vendor, usually with a special currency, and list them on the GTN - but players that buy them from the GTN MUST still have the correct reputation rank (Hero) to actually use them. For the Carbonite Bounty (Smuggler) decoration you must have reputation with Bounty Brokers Association (Bounty Event).

To gain reputation, you must do special quests or certain heroics for various factions across the galaxy. To see your reputation, open your legacy menu. Some reputation decorations require special tokens to purchase form the reputation vendor, and other require crafted Universal Prefabs. It's always worth checking the GTN to see what people are selling them for - you might save yourself some tokens or the cost of a prefab.

Additional Info

Reputation: Requires Hero status with Bounty Brokers Association.

Cost: 1 Completed Bounty Contract

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