Frogdog Trophy: Season 9 (Interior)

Frogdog Trophy: Season 9 (Interior) (SWTOR Decoration)

Frogdog Trophy: Season 9 (Interior) SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

How to Get a Frogdog Trophy: Season 9 (Interior) Decoration

No this item decoration can not be bought on the GTN! Can NOT be bought or sold on the GTN from other players
PvP Seasons Token Vendor
Cost: 12 PvP Seasons Tokens
Vendor Availability: Week A
Frogdog Trophy: Season 9 (Interior) Medium Narrow Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Medium Narrow (Blue Rectangle): The Frogdog Trophy: Season 9 (Interior) decoration fits into a narrow blue medium rectangle floor hook.

Frogdog Trophy: Season 9 (Interior) Medium Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Medium (Blue Square): The Frogdog Trophy: Season 9 (Interior) decoration fits into a blue medium square floor hook.

PvP Seasons Decorations

The Frogdog Trophy: Season 9 (Interior) decoration can be bought for 12 PvP Seasons Tokens. It is on the Giradda the Hutt or Tullek vendor during the Week A rotation / cycle.

PvP Seasons are a limited-time event which allows you to earn unique rewards just for playing PvP matches. This new track rewards system is available to free-to-play, preferred and subscribed players at level 10 and up, and each season is only available for a limited time of 12 weeks per season.

PvP Seasons Guide

 These PvP Season Token decorations are not retired. You can only get them by spending PvP Seasons Tokens, a type of currency that can only be earned during active PvP Seasons, by working your way up the track or completing the achievements for an active season. Once you have some PvP Season Tokens, you can spend them at any time – even when the season is not active. The vendors, Giradda the Hutt and Tullek in the Combat Training section of the Republic or Imperial Fleet sell the decorations. Tullek’s are season-specific, while Giradda’s are on a 4-week rotating schedule – so if you don’t see a specific decoration for sale, it is likely in another group so you can check back next week.  The rotation goes Group A – Group B – Group C – Group D, and then repeats, resetting each Tuesday in the morning at 5:00 AM Pacific / 8:00 AM Eastern.

Additional Info

Source: PVP Season 9 Reward

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