Mount Decorations in SWTOR

Mount Decorations in SWTOR

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, you can use your mounts as decorations. They’ll appear mostly the same as when you ride them, but without a rider, and won’t walk around. You can only place down mounts you own on the character you are currently decorating with, and only get 1 copy of each mount per stronghold. List of All Mounts in the Game

Unlike companions, mounts you place down will appear as normal even if you aren’t online or are on a character that doesn’t own that mount, so they are great to decorate with. Their only annoyance is you may need to swap characters if you want to place down a mount you don’t have on their character you are currently decorating with, as the mount will show up as 0/0 in red on your decorations list. Once a mount is placed you can easily shift it around in its hook as long as you don’t pick it up, regardless of what character you are on. Most mounts fit on a medium hook or large hook, but they aren’t very consistent – even some mounts of the same species and size fit on different size hooks.

While you can only place 1 copy of each mount you own per stronghold, you can also mount up on your character even if the mount is placed as a decoration.

A small number of decorations, especially jetpacks, will show up on a stand when they are in decoration form.

Many players choose to show off their favorite mounts in their stronghold.

You can use mounts to tell a story, especially the animal mounts. In my Tatooine stronghold, I made a “Bantha Farm” with on of each of the Bantha mounts.

I also created a “Dewback Corral” on Tatooine with the dfferent dewback mounts in the game.

Or you can create a garage or a workshop.


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