Companion Decorations in SWTOR

Companion Decorations in SWTOR

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, you can use your companions as decorations. They will appear as if they are wearing whatever gear you had them in, on the character you are currently on. You can only place down companions you own on the character you are currently decorating with, and only get 1 copy of each companion per stronghold. List of All Companions in the Game

So you can give them fun outfits and place them down to play specific roles on your stronghold, or just have them appear in their normal clothes you use while questing with them.

Example: On my Trooper, I dressed some of my less-used companions as “chefs” and placed them in my stronghold as decorations. This is what they look like while I’m on my Trooper.

Unfortunately, what you have dressed them in will not stay consistent, and will depend on which character you are logged in to.

Example: When I log into my Inquisitor, she has her companions dressed in more generic armor, rather than fun chef armor, so the companions appear in normal armor.

If your other characters visit your stronghold, and don’t have that companion, the companion decoration will appear as a generic holograph.

They will also appear as holographs if someone visits your stronghold while you are not in it / while you are not online, regardless of whether they own that companion or not.

Example: When I log into my low-level character with no companions yet and visit my stronghold, all the companions I had previously placed just show up as holograms. Not only are they not dressed as chefs, they’re not even corporeal for this character.

If someone visits your stronghold while you are not in it, the companions placed as decorations will be holographs, but once you travel to your stronghold, they will instantly change to the clothes you chose of them on the character you are currently on. So if you want to give a tour of your stronghold with clothed companions, go to your stronghold with your guests.

Example: I sent my friend a stronghold invitation while I was questing on my Trooper. She loaded in and saw my companions as holograms. When I travelled there to meet her, the companions changed into their chef clothes before her eyes once I loaded in.

There is a funny known bug / issue where random companions will sometimes randomly appear in their underoos in your stronghold.

I dont know why but these people show up in my SH, I didn’t put them their and their always naked.
byu/killer402402 inswtor

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