Best View in SWTOR Decorations

Best View in SWTOR Decorations

The Best View in SWTOR Decorations are the result of a competition held by the SWTOR developers for the past three years, where a set of planets are chosen and players can submit screenshots of those planets. The developers choose a favorite screenshot for each planet, and it is made into a decoration that can be obtained by all players in-game. The decorations are free for all players but you have to log in during the annual Anniversary event that takes place around the 20th of December each year to claim them from the Anniversary Vendor.

The winners of the competition receive a special one-of-a-kind gilded version of their winning screenshot. There is no way to get the (Gilded) version of these decorations unless you are the winner of the contest for that planet.

Contest Rules

Here is a sample of the main screenshot rules from a past contest. The rules change slightly each year, so make sure to check the current contest rules if there is one running!

You’re more than welcome to submit a screenshot for multiple planets, but please only submit one image per planet. All image submissions must follow certain guidelines:

  • No Player Characters in screenshot
    • NPCs are allowed
  • The in-game UI needs to be turned off.
    • The default command for this is Alt+Z
    • This includes having nameplates turned off.
  • Screenshots of cinematics do NOT qualify.
  • No additional editing done to screenshots. For example, no filters added or editing done by external tools.
  • Camera settings must be within intended in-game parameters.
    • This means not using external tools or editing game files to exceed in-game settings.
  • Graphics settings at Very High or Ultra
  • Image Size: 1920×1080 or higher resolution
    • The team will crop the chosen screenshots to a 4:3 format.

Past Contests

Hutta Winner by Meifanus of Tulak Hord 2021

Korriban Winner by Tessthemess of Star Forge 2021

Makeb Winner by Evabor of Star Forge 2021

Mek-Sha Winner by Critic of The Leviathan 2021

Ord Mantell Winner by Aeryn-solaris of The Leviathan 2021

Ossus Winner by Urthenom of Tulak Hord 2021

Tatooine Winner by Âvaya of  Star Forge 2021

Tython Winner by Mietra of Satele Shan 2021

Yavin IV Winner by Ohrora of Star Forge 2021

Zakuul Winner by Rurokar of Darth Malgus 2021

Alderaan Winner by Melissssssa of Star Forge 2022

Coruscant Winner by Twelfthdoctor of Star Forge 2022

Dromund Kaas Winner by Rafillagois of Star Forge 2022

Hoth Winner by Berandon of Darth Malgus 2022

Iokath Winner by Drew_Braxton of Star Forge 2022

Manaan Winner by Pleto of Darth Malgus 2022

Odessen Winner by StarRowynne of Star Forge 2022

Quesh Winner by seventimeavenger of Star Forge 2022

Rishi Winner by zzzg of Star Forge 2022

Taris Winner by Shaori of Star Forge 2022

Balmorra Winner by Nelanther of Darth Malgus 2023


Belsavis Winner by Sonicphoto of Satele Shan 2023

CorelliaWinner by Shorinjin of Satele Shan 2023

Dantooine Winner by Dark-Ansewez of Tulak Hord 2023

Ilum Winner by Mathieu-R of Star Forge 2023

Nar Shaddaa Winner by NebulanKeltaz of Star Forge 2023

Onderon Winner by Cyrni of Darth Malgus 2023

Oricon Winner by HighWarlockBane of Star Forge 2023

Ruhnuk Winner by walrusRus of Star Forge 2023

Voss Winner by Shadowtwin of Darth Malgus 2023

Thank you to Nea who put together this list of images and winners of the Best View contest so other players can see past winners and learn about where these decorations came from!

All Best View Decorations

Featured screenshot of the Best View in SWTOR Decorations decoration submitted by neatessy

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