Set Bonus Guide in SWTOR

A set bonus is a special type of gear bonus that gives you a boost in battle, like making some of your abilities stronger or making them usable more often. The more pieces of set bonus gear you collect, the more bonuses you will get.

Set bonuses only exist on the pieces of armor that you can “wear” – Head, Chest, Hands, Legs, Boots, Belt and Bracers. There’s no set bonus on earpieces, implants, relics, weapons or tactical items. Some set bonuses only have a 2-piece set bonus, while others have a 4-piece or 6-piece bonus. You can also mix-and-match multiple set bonuses by having 2 of one set, 2 of another, and 2 of a third, or by have two from one set and four from another. Some set bonuses are restricted to certain classes, but there are also generic set bonuses that can be worn by any class. Set bonuses are easy to notice while you are working on gearing up, because they only appear on items with a gold-border – but not all gold-bordered items are set bonus items,

Your Set Bonus is tied to the shell of piece of gear – not to the armoring, mod or enhancement. If you want to wear a new shell with a set bonus on it but don’t want to lose the look of your current gear, you can create an outfit with your old piece of gear and wear it over your newly-equipped set bonus piece. You do not have to sacrifice fashion to equip a set bonus piece!

Class Set Bonus Lists

Which Set Bonus should you choose?

When choosing a set bonus for your class to work ob earning, you’ll want to first take a look at the list below for your class. you’ll be looking at three different sections in the list – the set bonuses available to your advanced class, the set bonuses available to your class, and the generic set bonuses that can be used by any class. Unlike previous expansions, you’ll have close to twenty set bonuses to choose from. Which one you should choose will depend on a few factors, but the most important are what type of content you like to play, what role you will be playing (tank, dps, healer) and what type of rotation or abilities you want to use. Most players gravitate towards the set bonus sets that are specifically for their class versus the generic sets. Players are still working on the theorycrafting to decide which set bonus is the theoretical best for their class – until more class guides have been created, you can read through the list for your class below and pick one you think will benefit the way you play.

Where can you get Set Bonus pieces?

Set Bonus pieces drop from level 75 content and gearboxes earned through many different ways including Flashpoints, Operations, PvP, level 75 Dailies, Weeklies & Heroics, Story Chapters, Crafting and Conquest. Each set is most commonly dropped through a certain type of content, for example some sets are exclusively found through crafting or from the new Dxun Operation.

The Tech Fragment vendors in the supplies section of the fleet also sell many of the set bonus pieces, but not all of them. The set bonus pieces from the new Dxun Operation, Corellia Flashpoint and from Crafting can not be bought from the vendors with Tech Fragments. Each piece from the Tech Fragment vendors costs 3,000 Tech Fragments and 1,000,000 credits. View the Tech Fragment Vendor Set Bonus List of what you can get from the vendors.


From playing the storyline, a few flashpoints with friends, some dailies, and completing conquest I already have four set bonus pieces – unfortunately, they’re all from different sets, and since none of them match, I don’t get any set bonus perks from any of them. I took a look through the list of set bonuses available to troopers, and based on the fact that I like to tank and want more defensive boosts, I pick the Right Price set, which can make one of my defensive abilities available more often if I get 6 pieces of the set. So far I only have one piece, but the list says I can get more pieces through Conquest, or by purchasing them from the tech fragments vendor for 3,000 tech fragments and 1 million credits each. Luckily I have earned enough tech fragments between playing content, and deconstructing gear I don’t need, to afford another piece. Since it’s the weekend, before I buy it on the vendor, I’ll also check the “secret” Kai Zykken vendor to see if by random chance any of the pieces are being sold by him – which by luck he is, so I get to buy the chestpiece at a discounted rate of only 1,500 Tech Fragments. To get the other 4 pieces, I’ll keep completing conquest and cross my fingers and hope I get another piece from the set, and do content that earns me tech fragments so I can buy the other pieces I don’t get from conquest over time. Since conquest is something you do on a character once per week, I’ll also probably look in to running the type of content that drops either my second favorite set bonus set, or maybe a good set bonus for when I want to DPS instead of tank. You can choose what type of gear drops for you at level 75 by right-clicking your character portrait, and choosing from the “Loot Discipline” list. This means I’ll be able to continue enjoying playing as a tank, but gear that drops will mostly be for DPS. When I do get any set bonus pieces, I’ll make sure to fill them with useful modifications to give them better stats to go with my set bonus – or I might just wait until I have the best-in-game modifications and fill them up and wear them then, and until then just wear whatever gear drops for me.

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