Fleet Republic Datacron Guide Guide

The Republic Fleet Datacron is a complicated Datacron that’s meant to be obtained with a large group that is working together. Sometimes guilds will organize runs and allow guild members or occasionally community members to join, so if you are playing solo, keep your eyes open for groups that are putting together Fleet Datacron runs. In this guide we will be going over how to set up a Fleet Datacron run for your group. You will need an absolute minimum of six players to do this datacron the standard way, but even with six, it’s going to be a long slog as you’ll have to run it multiple times, so the more players you can bring, the better.


The Republic and Imperial Fleet datacrons are very similar but slightly different, as they are flipped, but the puzzle is completed in the same way. You only need to get the Republic or the Imperial Fleet Datacron, you don’t need to collect both, as they count as the same datacron when it comes to collecting.

Fleet Datacron Solo? I have seen a video guide available to get the Fleet Datacron alone, by taking advantage of using multiple characters and movement abilities that’s incredibly clever. However it also takes advantage of the /stuck command to glitch yourself through a floor, and it’s pretty clear that’s not what is supposed to happen with this Datacron’s path design, so I won’t be covering the solo method in this guide, and will only be covering the group method as well as how to solve the full puzzle form scratch.

Assign Your Players

This is a very special guide. Type the names of your players below and the guide will update with their names!

If you have a Sage or Sorcerer in your group, you will want to assign them to Location G, so they can help pull other players up. This is not required, but can save a lot of time and frustration depending on the composition of your group.


1. Obtain a Red Corellian Museum Crystal

The first step is to have a player who has never gotten the Fleet Datacron before go and get a red crystal. Technically a player who has the datacron can get this on, but it gets a bit funky, so I recommend having your newer team member be the one to go pick this up. Only one player needs to get this crystal, but if you have a group, I recommend summoning them all there with a guild summon so they can have a crystal just in case.

The red crystal is hidden in a tunnel just to the south of the Corellia Zoo, in an opened shipping crate, just right-click it to pick it up. This crystal is a mission item, and can’t be seen in your normal inventory, so make sure to check your Mission tab in your inventory to see if you have it or not, it is called the Corellian Museum Crystal.

The closest Republic quick travel point is the Axial Park North quick travel point and the closest taxi is the Axial Park North Tram speeder point, both in the top middle of the map. There is a Heroic called [HEROIC 2+] Concierge, Republic side that’s a bit faster to get the crystal from if you have the shuttle for it. From there, travel towards the center of the map to get to the Zoo, then take the southern tunnel to get to the crystal.

The closest Imperial quick travel point is the Axial Park South quick travel point and the closest taxi is the Axial Park South Tram speeder point, the crystal is very close in a tunnel just to the north of the Imperial taxi point.

Map of where the Red Crystal is on Corellia:

2. Get an MGGS

The second step is to obtain an MGGS item, that allows you to use hidden grapple points around the galaxy. The MGGS item can be bought from a vendor named Lain-Ricie hidden in the Juran Mountains of Alderaan.

If you plan on pulling players up using a Sorcerer or Sage after you solve the puzzle, you will still need to have at least four players with a MGGS, with one of them being the Sage or Sorcerer. Some players may already have one from questing. The MGGS item can be placed into your legacy bank and swapped between characters, but as far as I can tell it can’t be bought on the GTN or traded to a friend.

Ideally, everyone in your group should get an MGGS, if you want to solve the puzzle the traditional way. A great way to set this up is to have a player summon your group to the MGGS vendor, so everyone can get one. While they are there, tell them to grab a Red Detonite Actuator item for a different datacron on Alderaan, and an NVCSS item which is for catching a baby tauntaun pet on Hoth.

The closest Republic quick travel point is the House Alde quick travel point and the closest taxi is the House Alde Library Thranta speeder point, on the right side of the map, and then run quite a ways south along the mountain paths to the vendor.

The closest Imperial quick travel point is the Outpost Talarn quick travel point and the closest taxi is the Outpost Talarn Thranta speeder point, which are both very close, and you can cheat a bit by jumping over some mountains to the west and you’ll practically be there.

Big Map of Alderaan for MGGS, with Republic names:

Exact Location of MGGS on in the Juran Mountains, look for the vendor symbol on the map:

3. Go to the Museum

The third step is to gather your group at the Museum on the Fleet.

On the Republic side, the Museum is located on the Gav Daragon ship, and on the Imperial side the Museum is located on the Ziost Shadow. The fastest way to get to the museum is to quick travel to the ship, then find the first elevator on the map, take it to the other level, then find the second elevator on the map and take it to the museum.

If you have a summon, you can summon your group right in front of the Museum elevator – but not anywhere inside the museum or inside the datacron hunting area. At one point, you could summon player right up to the datacron, but that clever workaround was disabled a long time ago.

4. Get a Blue Crystal

The fourth step is to get a blue crystal.

You will need to have at least one member in your group who has never done this Datacron on this server at all, on any character.

To open the path to the blue crystal, jump up onto the platform with the Walker on it in the museum. This jump can be annoying, so mount up, and try and jump up where there is a panel on the side to help leverage your jump.

Inside the walker is a button.

Pressing the button will fire the Walker’s missiles, destroying the door in front of it.

Your team members who have never done the Datacron before should run through the broken door and go right-click the giant blue crystal. Right clicking it can be tricky, so bring your character to the front of the crystal and try and right click the front of the crystal.

This should give them an item called a Cormium Crystal Shard, better known as the “blue crystal”.

Any player who already has the Datacron, can try and click the crystal, but it will say “You don’t need to use that right now.” This is why you need a player who has never gotten the fleet datacron before, as you will not be able to get a blue crystal otherwise.

5. Open the Shield Door

There is a shield surrounding one of the empty exhibits that you will need to open. To open it, a player with a Red Crystal AND a Blue Crystal will need jump up onto the other platform that has a statue on it. There are some nearby crates to make the jump easier.

The statue has three buttons on it – have your character stand on the corner of the statue to the right of the tiny button, facing the corner of the statue. Tell them to right-click the strange circular right button, then right-click the strange circular left button after there is a short delay, and then they should together make the middle button clickable. The reason it’s suggested to stand in the corner, then do a right-left-middle click is because the datacron used to be glitchy in the past – I’m not sure if it still is, but better safe then sorry. Sometimes the statue only make you click one crystal in if you have a blue crystal, it’s a bit funky.

Successfully clicking the small middle button on the statue will make the button explode with electricity, and the nearby force field go down and you can jump past the barricades to the door.

If you have a big group of players, you can station one on the inside of the force field, as there is a hidden button on the inside you can press to open the force field from the inside, ideally someone who already has the datacron. Otherwise you will have to continuously open the statue anytime someone accidentally falls to their death and has to start over at the museum.

Everyone should run through the barricade into the tunnel.

6. Activate the Bridge

In this new secret area, there will be two sections – an unactivated bridge, and an area with three computer terminals. One of the terminals will activate the bridge, and the other two terminals will deactivate the force fields at the beginning and end of the bridge.

You will need a total of three players in the computer area to start – the rest of your group should group up at the start of the bridge. Tell your group not to press themselves against the purple forcefield and instead take one step back, or they may fall forward once the force field is disabled, and to also wait until they see the bridge appear – there’s a chance the force field may go down and the bridge isn’t quite up yet.

Your three players at the computer will want to do a countdown and press them all at the same time. What I like to do, is as a group leader, type /rc for a Ready Check, and see if everyone is ready to go. Then I look on the map and make sure each of my clickers is in position at a terminal, and that the rest of my team is waiting at the bridge. Lastly I type “3” “2” “1” and “Go” on the chat. If all three player successfully click, the rest of the group should QUICKLY run across the bridge. If you are not quick enough, you will plummet to your doom as the bridge disappears. If that happens, that player will back at the museum after they revive and will need to be let back in the force field.

Once you have your first group across, three players will have been left behind. Those three can now run to the bridge, and three new players who have crossed the bridge can press the three terminals on the other side the bridge. If you don’t have enough players on the other side of the bridge yet, as long as you have a total of four players, you can press some buttons on one side and some on the other, as long as all three types get pressed, the bridge will open, even if you only have one person crossing at a time.

Once your whole group is across you’ll be able to start the actual datacron hunt!

7. Understand the Puzzle

The goal of the puzzle is to get to a door high up in the secret datacron area. To get there, you will use the grapple hook points hidden around the room. The trick is that the grapple hooks are not enabled by default – you need to press hidden buttons around the room which will temporarily activate the grapple hooks. To solve the puzzle, you need to deduce the path of the grapple hooks to get up to the datacron door, have various players press the buttons at the right time to activate the grapple points, and instruct your team to be at the right place at the right time… and of course, not fall off any of the precarious walkways along the way.

There are seven locations total you need to keep in mind when solving this puzzle with a group, some have a grapple, some have a button, and some have both. A long time ago players started calling these points A B C D E F and G, so I’ll be using these to describe the points as well. If you’re looking at different guides, you may see different letters, depending on the guide writer. These points are alphabetical, in that A activates B, and B activates C, but since not every point has a button, and you will need to back track a bit, it’s not a perfect system, so you will need to follow the guide and not just memorize the points.

Once you are in the new area with the computer terminals, you will notice there’s no where else you can easily go, but that there are many metal beams and pipes below you can jump down to with your team. Be very careful when walking on these, as you can fall through them at many points. If you or your team members struggle with walking on the beams, have them press the slash key on the top right of their keyboard above their number pad – this will toggle walk, making it easier to be more precise with your movements.

Just past the second set of computer terminals, you will look down and see a wide bridge made of metal beams and pipes.

If you are solving the puzzle from scratch, your entire team will want to be down here, as it’s the start point to get to all the different locations your team members will want to be. If you have a very big team, you can leave 3 players behind to help with the computers terminals when someone falls – one of those players can be the player who’s also watching the shield to let people back in from the museum, they’ll just need to run back and forth between the shield and the computers.

You will need five players who are good at listening to instructions to solve the puzzle. The rest of your team should stay up near where the computers are, so they don’t risk falling off by accident while looking around as you solve the puzzle.

Location A

The first location is very easy to get to once your team has passed the purple bridge. You’ll want to assign one player to get to it, and that player will not be able to get back up once they jump down, so make sure the rest of your team doesn’t follow them. To get to Location A, run all the way to the end of the wide metal bridge. If you look to your right, far down below will be a thin metal bridge, and at the end of the bridge on the wall will be a button. This button, and all the other buttons for this puzzle, doesn’t glow blue by default, and will only glow blue once you hover your mouse over it, so it can be hard to see at first.

Your player assigned to Location A will wait at that first button, ready to click it on command.

Location B

Location B is visible from the very start of the wide metal bridge you started on, if you are facing the same wall as Location a is on, but looking far to the right. It’s across a large gap, and you can see the button and grapple hook over there, but you can’t jump across. The grapple hook is deactivated by default, so you can see the grapple hook square above the button, but you can’t right-click it or interact with it until it is activated. Pressing the button at Location A activates Location B‘s grapple hook, so your first player at Location A presses their button, then your second player grapples hooks over to Location B and waits there beside the second button.

Location C

The third location, Location C, is the easiest to find. It will be directly in the center of the wide metal beam, if you look up on the glowing yellow tower you should be able to see the grapple hook square.

Have your second player stationed down at Location B press their button. This will activate Location C‘s grapple hook, and you’ll be sending your third player up there onto that little platform.

Location C is weird, it’s actually just a grapple point without a button, and is kind of a central location used to get to other locations, and your team will be coming back here near the end.

Your third player at location C, on the little platform, will be sitting there waiting until the next grapple hook becomes available.

Location D

Location D is also easy to get to. It is also gotten to by running to the very end of the metal bridge, but instead of look right, look left, and it will be down below on a wall, on the far end of a thin metal beam. Your fourth player will carefully jump down there, and get to the button and wait there, ready to click it on command.

Location E

Location E was the hardest for me to find. It is not visible at all from the ground, and the grapple hook is not easily visible from the starting point of the wide metal bridge.

To get to Location E, tell your fifth player to go join your fourth player at Location D, on the left side of the wide metal bridge.

Once those two players are together, have your fourth player who was waiting at Location D press their button. The fifth player who just joined them will face away from the button, looking up. Way way way up high, in between two yellowish boxes stuck to the wall, will be the glowing blue grapple hook to get to Location E. Your fifth player will wait there by the high up button, ready to click it on command.

Location F

If you have your third player up on the little platform at Location C, and you have a fourth player down below waiting at Location E, you can move to the next step. The fourth player at Location E will press their button, which will activate a grapple hook across the gap from Location C, that your third player should look for and right-click. It’s a bit hard to see as there is a bunch of metal poles in the way, but if your third player is facing away from the yellow tower they are standing beside, the sparking blue grapple hook should be on their left, just above their character’s eye level.

Once your third player gets to Location E, they’ll be waiting there, beside the button, ready to click it on command.

Remainder of Team to Location C

At this point, you should have five players on five different buttons, and the rest of your team was just waiting.

You can now corral the rest of your team down onto the middle of the wide metal pipe, so that they can eventually grapple themselves up to Location C, the little platform in the middle of the yellow tower.

When the rest of your team is in place, tell your second player, far off at Location B, to press their button. This will activate the grapple hook at Location C, and the rest of your team will be able to grapple hook up to Location C‘s platform.

Ask them to wait there, and to look up for the round door. Above the door will be a grapple hook point, and ask them to watch the grapple hook point above the round door, and right-click it when it turns blue.

Location G – End

The final step is to activate the grapple hook above the entrance to the datacron, the round door high up above, easily seen from Location C‘s little platform.

The final grapple hook can only be activated by pressing all five buttons at the same time, by all five players waiting at their buttons.

I like to do a ready check at this point, then I type “3” “2” “1” and “Go” in the chat.

If all five buttons are successfully pressed, the grapple hook will activate and turn blue. If not, listen for the sounds – there is a distinct machinery sound made when a grapple hook is activated – if one player is slow, and you hear one machinery sound come way after the others, you will need to try again. Check in with your team to see if they know who pressed it slow, and wait for them to give confirmation that their button is clickable before you try again with another countdown. There’s no penalty for messing it up, and it just requires a little patience to wait for the buttons to be clickable again.

If it worked, your entire rest of your team will be able to grapple hook up to the final location and the right-click the door to enter! If you see team members with chat bubbles above their head at the end of the hallway, it means they successfully entered the datacron cutscenes. Players who had already gotten this datacron on any character on your server will just wind up sitting in front of that door with nowhere to go, as they already have the datacron.

Button Pushers

If everyone in your group now has the datacron, hurrah! You’re done.

However, if your button pressers volunteered to help, but didn’t have the datacron, you’ll want to help them up next.

You have two options. The first is to run the whole thing again, but instead have different players pressing the buttons, allowing either all five or just ne or two at a time to go get their datacron.

The other option, and usually the most common one, is to instead take advantage of characters that have a pull who have gotten up to the Datacron door, but have not entered. If you have a Sage or a Sorcerer up there, they will be able to pull up a player from down below, skipping all the steps with the grapple hook. Woo hoo!

[[more instructions for pulls]]