Swtorista SWTOR APAC Server Levelling Contest! Level 50, 50 Prizes

News Date: November 15, 2023 Patch: 7.3 / 7.4 News Source

To celebrate the launch of the new server in Star Wars: The Old Republic, I am hosting a LEVELING CONTEST! 

I’ll be giving away FIFTY Cartel Coin codes to the first 50 players who reach level 50 on the new server!

The new server is called “Shae Vizla” and is an APAC (Asia-Pacific) focused server, but anyone can play there! It is a “fresh start” server, in that everyone will be starting as level 1, have no legacy yet, the economy starts with no credits, and you can’t transfer characters over! You will have access to your collections and account-wide unlocks.

The new server launches for Subscribers on November 16th at 11 AM PT / 1pm CT / November 17th at 6am AEDT. The server will be open to all players on November 17th at 11 AM PT/ 1pm CT / November 18th at 6am AEDT.

How to Enter

  1. Create a character on the new Shae Vizla server
  2. Level them up to 50 using any method except a token
  3. Once you reach EXACTLY level 50, you need to take TWO screenshots – one of your character on the character select screen, and one of your LEGACY panel on the new server
  4. Post the two screenshots as a reply to my twitter thread! First 50 to post win!

Link to tweet:


We made a big list of ways to level fast! Don’t forget you’ll have no legacy and no other characters with credits and items on the new server though

How to Level Up Fast in SWTOR


  1. One entry/prize per person
  2. Cartel Coins will be in the form of a code you can redeem yourself or give to a friend
  3. You can be free to play /preferred / subscribed to play and win. Heads up subscribers have a 24 hour headstart though.
  4. It must be done on the new Shae Vizla APAC server
  5. There are no transfers to the new server, so you need to start from level 1 and legacy level 1!
  6. You can use any XP boosts you can find except not Commander’s Token or Master’s Datacron (these boost you to 70 & 80.)
  7. If you are a dummy and forget your screenshot, I’ll accept screenshots in the 51-55 range too. Lol.
  8. I will be sending the codes via twitter direct message sometime after the event, it may take up to a month.
  9. Prizes are 450 Cartel Coin codes. x50, one for each winner.
  10. I’ll be going by the twitter post date and the two correct screenshots to determine winners.
  11. Where did the 50 Cartel Coin codes come from? The SWTOR Developer team sent some to me to give away to celebrate the new APAC server, and I had some from previous giveaways form them as well, so I combined my giant hoard.

Spreadsheet for Winner Tracking

Note, this is manual, so may not be fully up to date.