How to Make Subtitles in SWTOR Bigger

The subtitles in Star Wars: The Old Republic start off quite small by default, but you can make them bigger, as well as show all dialogue in the chat box. If you are visually impaired, struggle to read, or just want bigger and better subtitles, I’m hoping to cover all the possible options for subtitles in the guide for you!

Reminder! Just like most websites, if the text on this website is too small, press the CTRL and + button together on your keyboard to make the text bigger.

Cutscene Subtitles

Subtitles should be on by default, but if they are not, you can turn them on by pressing your ESC key, choose Preferences, choose User Interface from the menu on the left, and make sure “Display Subtitles for Conversations” is turned on.

Here is what cutscenes subtitles look like by default on a 1920×1080 monitor:

And here’s an example of how much bigger you can make them:

Here is how to make them bigger with the interface editor.

To open the Interface Editor, press ESC on your keyboard, and choose User Interface from the menu.

To adjust the scale of the interface, drag the Global Scale bar towards the right.

I have found that 1.35 seems to be the maximum you should put it at while playing, as many menus or panels will get cut off if you put it higher than that, though putting it higher will be fine for regular play without opening the various menus. If you ever need to abandon or reset a quest, make sure to bump it down to 1.2, or you won’t be able to see those buttons on the quest tracker.

In addition to the global scale, you can scale up individual parts of the cutscene subtitles.

There is a dropdown in the middle of the Interface Editor that usually says “Main HUD”, and you can change it to “Conversation”.

This will highlight the pieces of the interface that are for cutscenes and subtitles.

You will want to individually select the three green boxes below and under the interface editor, they are labelled:

  • Conversation Reactions
  • Conversation Subtitles
  • Response Wheel

And for each one drag their Scale from 1 to 1.25.

You may also want to move each one up so they don’t get cut off or overlap by dragging them up.

Don’t forget to push save afterwards.

If you combine a 1.35 global scale and a 1.25 subtitle scale, your subtitles will become this big:

You can keep pushing the global scale up as much as you need, it will just be difficult to navigate some parts of the game like the missions panel or the legacy panel as the bottoms will get cut off. However if you don’t care about those and just want to do basic questing, you can keep pushing it up until you can easily read the subtitles and text.

So here’s a quick example on my 2560×1440 monitor (bigger than normal monitor)…


Global Scale 1.35, Subtitles 1.25:

Global Scale at max of 4:

If you set the global scale to four, when you go to play, your screen is going to be super crowded:

To fix this, you can select the individual elements one by one in the Interface Editor and scale them down. It’s a bit difficult and messy and you may need to drag them around a bit to make it work, but here’s a quick version of what you can make. The only things I wasn’t able to adjust was the “Social bar” on the top left, it is not considered a part of the Interface Editor and can not be independently adjusted, but pretty much everything else can be.

There is one more cutscene setting available that may be useful to you, you can access it by pressing your ESC key, choose Preferences, and go to User Interface on the menu on the left, these two settings are in the Conversations section of the settings.

In the game, you can make light side and dark side decision in cutscenes. By default, you can look at the options, and choose one, without your choice being tainted by knowing if it is a dark or light choice.

To see what these dark or light choices are by hovering over the choices, you’ll want to check “Show Conversation Alignment Gain on Mouseover”.

If you want them to show all the time, not just on mouseover, check “Show Conversation Alignment Gain”.

Then you will see light or dark symbols beside any conversation choices that will give light or dark points.


There is no way to “slow down” the cutscenes or increase just the text size of cutscenes subtitles to make it huge, but there is another solution so you can easily see what has been said in the dialogue of cutscenes, and this is by making the dialogue visible in your chat box.

The first step is to make sure your chat is open. Your chat may disappear by default or be minimized. If you can not see your chat at all, try pressing your ENTER key, as if you were going to type into chat. This will make the chat box show up, and from there you can press the tiny arrow on the top left of the chat box to keep it open.

Show Cutscene Dialogue in Chat

By default, when you enter a cutscene, the dialogue is actually saved into the “Other” tab on your chat panel, and you can see it show up in the “Other” tab as the characters speak in the cutscenes. The difference is that unlike the subtitles, the chat dialogue will not disappear once the next scene in the story starts. If you scroll up in the chat, the chat bar will even pause and stop scrolling, so you can take your time to read it. That way, any time there is a pause in the cutscene, for example where you can make a decision or when the cutscene ends, you can take your time to read the dialogue in the chat tab.

This “Other” tab is actually for multiple different types of information, and if you plan to use the chat box for reading cutscene subtitles, I recommend to make a chat tab dedicated just to subtitles. To do this, right-click on the “Other” chat tab, and choose “Create New Tab”.

You can name it whatever you want, but I recommend to name it something like “Cutscenes” or “Dialogue” so you remember what it is. Next, left click that new tab and choose “Chat Settings”. There will be a list of different things that can show up in this chat – you’ll want to uncheck them all except for “conversation” near the bottom of the list.

You can also choose what color you’d like the text to be by clicking the small colorful box on the left of the word “Conversation” – by default it is yellow, but you may want to change it to white for high contrast, the easiest way to do with is type in 255, 255, 255 into the number boxes which is the color code for white.

Chat Settings

If you want the background of the panel to show all the time and not just when you hover over it, press ESC on your keyboard, choose Preferences, choose Chat from the menu, and slide the Chat Panel Alpha up to 100%.

There is also another setting you may want to un-check called “Chat Panel Fade”, though unchecking it should do roughly the same thing as putting the Chat Panel Alpha to 100%.

Don’t forget to press OK on the bottom right to save.

If the giant chat panel is getting in the way of you clicking things behind it, there are two settings that might help in the same Chat preferences area.

If you check “Click-Through Chat” you will be able to click on things behind the chat, for example a quest giver or vendor.

If you check “Click-Through Chat Input”, you will be able to click on things behind the part of the chat where you would normally type into… so if you wanted to say hello in chat, you would not be able to click in the chat to, type, and instead would need to press ENTER on your keyboard to start typing.

Chat Font Size

There are two ways to increase the chat box’s text size, and they can be combined to make the chat font size very very large.

The first way is to increase the font size of the chat. The chat is the only feature in the game where you can increase the font size without resizing the box it is in. To increase the font size, right click the chat tab, and from the menu, roll your mouse over the word “Font size” – don’t click on it or it will close the menu lol. By default, the font size is 14, and you can bump it up all the way to 30.

If you are using a very large font size, I recommend to also drag the box that holds the chat text to be bigger. You can do this by hovering your mouse over the chat, then left click and drag the tiny triangular arrow located on the bottom right towards the bottom right of your screen.

The second way to increase the size of the text in the chat window is through the Interface Editor. To open the Interface Editor, press ESC on your keyboard, and choose User Interface from the menu.

To adjust the scale of the interface, drag the Global Scale bar, located in the middle of the pop up window, towards the right. You may have already done this if you bumped up the global scale for the cutscene subtitles.

Unlike most other elements, since the chat box already has a font size and can be dragged bigger, you can not adjust the chat box’s size in the Interface Editor.

There may be some great improvements coming to text in the future, as a keen-eyed player has spotted this one the test server for possible future updates.

Questions or comments? Feel free to send me a message on Twitter @swtorista, Reddit /u/swtorista, Youtube Swtorista channel or by e-mail at the same name with at the end. Have fun out there and may the Force be with you. ~ Swtorista