SWTOR Dyes Guide

Dye modules are used to change the color of your armor. Dye modules are one-use each, and can be crafted by Artificers, bought from other players on the GTN, bought from the Cartel Market with Cartel Coins, schematics can be earned through the Reputation system, and there are a few special dyes available via the Collector's Edition and Security Vendor. Dyes first became available in patch 2.1, and new dyes are added fairly frequently.

Entire Armor
Primary Color: Green
Secondary Color: White

Primary and Secondary Dye Modules and Color

There are three types of dye modules: primary, secondary and primary-secondary. You can only use one dye module per peice of armor, so you can not use both a primary and a secondary dye module to create a new two-tone look: you can only use the primary+secondary dye modules that exist in the game. Primary Dye Modules affect the main color of the armor, Secondary Dye Modules affect the second color of the armour, and Primary+Secondary affect both! Some armors can be fully changed with a Priamry+Secondary Dye Module, while other armors will only have portions of their colors chaned.

Medium Pink
Deep Pink
Pale Red
Medium Red
Deep Red
Dark Red
Light Orange
Medium Orange
Deep Orange
Pale Yellow
Medium Yellow
Deep Yellow
Dark Yellow
Light Green
Medium Green
Deep Green
Dark Green
Pale Blue
Light Blue
Medium Blue
Dark Blue
Deep Blue
Light Purple
Medium Purple
Deep Purple
Dark Purple
Light Brown
Pale Brown
Medium Brown
Dark Brown
Pale Gray
Light Gray
Medium Gray
Deep Gray

How to get Dyes

Dyes in Star Wars: The Old Republic can be obtained primarily through Artifice Crafting, the Reputation system, and the Cartel Market. Almost all dyes can also be found on the Galactic Trade Network, where they can be bought from other players.

How do you use a dye?

Once you have obtained a dye, you can CTRL + Right Click the piece of armor you want to dye. This will open the Item Modification panel, and your inventory. You can then Right Click the dye in your inventory, and it wil be added to your armor in the Item Modification panel. Last, press the "Apply" button to add the dye to your armor.

How to use a dye in SWTOR

Which armors are dyeable?

Almost all armors can be dyed with a dye module. The only exceptions are a few older armors that were created within the first two years of the launch of the game, and are no longer available to new players. All Cartel Market, Cartel Pack, newer Crafted and Reputations armors have a dye slot. To see if a piece of armor has a dye slot, CTRL + Right Click the item to open the Item Modification panel. If there is a dye slot spot, the armor can be dyed.

Dye Module Item Modification

How does color matching work with dyes?

Most legs, helmets, gloves, belts and bracers will color match to your new chest's color if you have dyed it and have selected the color match option, or you can leave them neutral by deselecting the color match box beside them in your Equipment window. Only subscribers have access to the color match option - free-to-play players and preferred players must purchase the Customization Control: Unify Colors unlock to gain access to color matching.

How can you preview a dye before using it?

Always preview your dye before you use it, or you will waste it! To preview what your armor would look like with a dye before using it, you can CTRL + Left Click on the dye which will open up a preview window. If you want to preview a specific piece of armor with a dye, for example if you want to see what an armor you want to buy would look like with a dye you would like to buy, first CTRL + Left Click on the piece of armor to open the preview window, and with the preview window still open, find the dye and CTRL + Left Click on the dye. The preview window will show you a low-quality preview of your armor, dyes, weapons, pets and mounts.

Dye Preview Window

How do you search for dyes on the GTN?

You can buy dyes from other players on the Galactic Trade Network. You can find the GTN in the Galactic Trade Market section of the Republic or Imperial fleet, and once opened, you can search for dyes by choosing the options Category: Cartel Items -> Subcategory: Dyes, then press Search. If you want to see the least expensive dyes, you can press the "Unit Price" tab to sort by price. Most basic crafting dyes can be found for under 50,000 credits, whilc the rarer or more expensive Cartel Market dyes can go for over 20,000,000 credits!

SWTOR GTN Credits Dyes

How do you craft dyes?

Players with the Artifice Crew Skill can craft dyes for themselves and for other players. As Artificers level up their crafting level, more and more dyes will become available from the Artifice Crew Skill Trainer. There are also special dye schematics that can be earned through the Reputation system and are not available directly from the crew skills trainer. To start crafting, speak to the Artifice Crew Skill Trainer located in the Strongholds and Craftings section of the Republic or Imperial fleet.