Forest Camo Dye Module

The Forest Camo Dye Module originally could be found on the Cartel Market, Cartel Packs or Dye Packs. Due to the random nature of Cartel Packs and Dye Packs, there is a low chance of receiving any specific dye from these packs, it is recommended to instead buy the Forest Camo Dye Module from the GTN from other players. This dye can also be bought directly from the Cartel Market for 600 CC.

When you use the Forest Camo Dye Module, it will dye the primary dye section of your armor Evergreen, and the secondary part of your armor Desaturated Brown.

All dye modules are one-use, so once you've added a Forest Camo Dye Module to your armor, you will not be able to remove it and reuse it later.

Forest Camo Dye Module Cartel MarketGTN / 600 CC