Voss Interpreter’s Retreat Decorations

Interpreter’s Retreat is a new area added to Voss in Star Wars: The Old Republic as part of Update 7.3. It is kind of like a daily area in that it has side quests, secret achievements, and unique cosmetic rewards, but it does not have a reputation system attached to it.

SWTOR Voss Interpreter’s Retreat Guide

The decorations are from two different sources – some are from random drops from enemies, some can simply be purchased form a vendor, while others are from achievements which can then be bought from a vendor once you have completed the achievements.

The Specialty Nutrient Vendor in the Voss Interpreter’s Retreat area sells decorations for 250 Tech Fragments plus 60,000 credits each. There are some decorations there by default, while others need to be unlocked via achievements first and show up later.

Voss Interpreter’s Retreat Decorations Guide

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