Droid Workshop Decoration Bundle Decorations

This decoration bundle from the Cartel Market includes the following decorations:

2 Ancient Maintenance Panel
1 Arrangement: Pazaak Table
2 Astromech: Alliance
2 Astromech Requisition
1 Coil Monitor
1 Destroyed Battledroid
2 Droid Repair Table
1 Droid Engineer’s Workbench
2 Droid Parts Shelf
1 Deactivated Iokath Combat Droid
1 Deactivated Skytrooper
2 Industrial Wall Vent
1 Iokath Circuit Panel
1 Skytrooper Holder (Ceiling)
1 Salvage Droid
2 Security Camera
1 Server Monitor
1 Unassembled Battledroid

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