Alderaan Decorations

Alderaan Decorations

Although there is no Alderaan Stronghold, there are many beautiful Alderaanian decorations available, due to the rich noble houses that have staked their claim on Alderaan with luxurious castles and palaces. If you are seeking more luxury decorations, view the Zakuul Decorations list.

Since the Republic’s inception, Alderaan’s nobility has been at the political forefront, taking a stand in the Senate for peace, freedom and unity. While Coruscant has always been considered the heart of the Republic, to some extent, Alderaan has been its soul. In the aftermath of the Treaty of Coruscant, however, Alderaan withdrew from the Republic and soon became embroiled in one of the bloodiest civil wars in the galaxy’s history. The future of this once-proud planet is heavily in doubt.

Alderaan Art Decorations

There are two types of Alderaanian art available for your stronghold: the first is a Cartel Market item only available from the Arneclin Masterpieces art bundle (or the GTN if you are lucky). The second is acheivement-based and can be unlocked with 500 killing blows in the pvp warzone Alderaan Civil War. And no Alderaanian palace would be complete without a throne! This throne sports the same circular symbol as House Thul.

Alderaan House Flag & Banner Decorations

There are currently four houses featured in stronghold decorations: House Alde (the oldest and most ecentric noble house), House Rist (assassins and spies), House Thul (heavily backed by the Empire) and House Ulgo (unrightful temporary heirs to the throne).

House Organa Banner, not available in strongholds.
House Thul Decorations
Banners are usually placed at the entrances to doorways, to show the allegiance of those who walk through them. Above, House Thul.
Those who guard said entrances often match the colours of their house. Above, House Rist.

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Palatial Decorations

If you own a castle, it’s important it looks the part inside and out.

House Organa Decorations

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Cantina Decorations

Cantina Decorations

In real life, bar decorations usually include a fool stools, a table and some alcohol. In SWTOR, cantina decorations include everything from stools to a giant golden Hutt statue. Whether you’ve got a little or small space, make sure you’ve got everything you need to feed Corellian Ale to your guests.

SWTOR Bar Decorations

There is a bundle of Cantina decorations available on the Cartel Market.

Casino Decorations

Care to play a game of chance? Get your dice and your cards out and try your luck on the slots or the tables.

Starship Furniture

Don’t be afraid to bring your ship furniture into your stronghold. After all, you need to do something with it after you decommission the old clunker. Just make sure to check for a gizka infestation before you move it inside.

Bartender Personnel Decorations

Just because they don’t have bartender in their name doesn’t mean these NPCs aren’t ready to pour you some gin ‘n tonix! Try not to put anyone armed behind the bar, it unnerves the patrons.

And if you do need some hired guns to watch the doors, avoid hiring Imperial or Republic soldiers. They aren’t supposed to take side jobs and usually have mixed loyalties. Try these unaffiliated mercenaries out for size instead.

Hutt Decorations

Make sure your bar is ready for any impromptu visits from a Hutt you might want to do business with. Buttering up never hurts, eh? Especially not to a Hutt. And if you aren’t trying to impress them… try a carbonite version.

Don’t forget a giant golden hutt statue!

Neon Sign Decorations

Where’s the cantina? Light up the way for the drunken sluggards and hustlers to get to your door.


Czerka Decorations Collection

Originally founded as “Czerka Mining and Industrial,” this centuries-old, galaxy-spanning corporation has diversified into businesses ranging from consumer food products to military weapons. It is one of the wealthiest and most successful economic enterprises in operation, conducting commerce on virtually every civilized planet and–as owner of multiple star systems and employer of several billion individuals–has representation in the Republic Senate. Czerka is unique in being able to negotiate trade agreements with the Hutt Cartel and other independent worlds, crossing political borders with impunity to generate staggering profits. Despite the company’s perceived lack of loyalty, no one can afford to stop doing business with Czerka. “Anytime, anywhere… we’re there” is the corporation’s slogan–a motto that unscrupulous opportunists eagerly endorse.

Don’t be afraid to pilfer a few corporate Czerka pieces while you are there on a mission – they deserve it. Consider it restitution, in fact, and steal and extra chair. Just make sure to debug them when you get home.

Czerka Datacore Decorations

Are you looking to store your encrypted information somewhere safe? Look no further than Czerka’s patented cores, which are guaranteed to hold trade secrets until someone takes over your facility by force.

Czerka Office Decorations

These furniture pieces are sturdy enough to withstand rigorous testing, and light enough to move from planet to planet during potential times of corporate trouble.

Czerka Wall Decorations

Whether it’s tech specs or just plain propaganda, no wall should be empty, as white walls inspire independent thought.



Image Source

Czerka Reminder Decorations

Remember, green is the color of credits.


Czerka Science Decorations

Don’t let the way your office should look get in the way of what your office should do! good furniture inspires fertile minds but a lack of equipment will get them nowhere. View more computers or machines for a full list of available decorations.



Datacron Decorations Collection

Datacron Decorations Collection

Datacrons are a type of holocron that can be accessed even by those who are not force-sensitive. They often contain knowledge, lore and personal thoughts of the Sith and the Jedi, a way of leaving behind their findings and legacy. In SWTOR, you can search for datacrons that boost your stats across the galaxy.

Datacron Master Exhibits

If you have the patience and the skill to find all the of the datacrons hidden across the galaxy in SWTOR, you will unlock these two decorations, one for finding all the light datacrons and one for finding all the dark datacrons.

View Datacron Guide on SWTORSpy

Individual Datacron Decorations

You can also find individual datacrons to place in your stronghold. These are dropped by enemies on their listed planets, but are random whether you reveive one or not by killing an enemy. They are more likely to drop from HEROIC enemies and chests. For each datacron there is a light and a dark version for each stat: Strength, Cunning, Prescene, Endurance, Aim and Willpower. The dark base is black with a red glow, and the light base is mahogany with a blue glow. These decorations are not linked to the datacrons you find in the galaxy. These datacrons can also be bought and sold, so check the GTN if you are looking for a specific one!

Datacron Matrix Converter

Although not as beautiful as the other decorations, no datacron collection would be complete without the Matrix Converter decoration. In the game, you can combine multiple matrix shards (which you can go seeking for much like datacrons) into a completed Matrix Cube. During the launch of the game, this cube was one of the most powerful relics available outside of operations. The decoration version is just for looks, and is a crafted item.

Imperial Decorations

Imperial Decorations

If you’ve purchased the Dromund Kaas luxury apartment or Imperial Flagship, you are likely seeking some Imperial decorations to match your new stronghold or guild ship. Imperial decorations trend towards the red color of the Empire, brutalist statues, and the symbol of the Empire as a permanent reminder of its power. Below is a curated list of Empire decorations. If you are seeking decorations more suited for a Darkside or Sith stronghold, please see the Sith Decoration list.

Imperial Propaganda

The Empire’s reach is strong, and so is its propaganda. Long live the Empire!

SWTOR Imperial Decorations


swtor 2015-05-29 20-33-46-50

Imperial Statues

The Sith often employ statues that display torment. The Empire, however, shows statues that display subservience and raw ancient power.

swtor 2015-05-30 13-52-56-06

Imperial Furniture

When in doubt, stick to red, purple, black and dark shades of grey.

Imperial Personnel Decorations

swtor 2015-05-30 13-49-43-84

Imperial Technology (Imperial Flagship)

Imperial computers and screen are most often purple, and usually have two chairs in front of them for their operators.

Imperial Flagship Gallery

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swtor 2015-05-30 13-52-21-67 swtor 2015-05-30 13-52-51-13 swtor 2015-05-30 13-53-15-20
swtor 2015-05-30 13-53-51-45 swtor 2015-05-30 13-54-46-77 swtor 2015-05-30 13-54-19-98

Iokath Decorations

To call Iokath a planet is technically incorrect, and an insult to the brilliant design of the artificial world. A massive sphere constructed around–and fully enveloping–an undersized and unremarkable star, Iokath absorbs all of the energy released by its “sun,” maximizing solar efficiency.

Iokath decorations were introduced to Star Wars: The Old Republic with the 5.0 patch of Knights of the Eternal Empire. Iokath is a completely artificial world, with no living beings on it by the time you reach it. It is inhabited by droids whose only purpose is to test their combat limits.

In many technologically advanced societies, droids are designed to handle a multitude of mundane tasks. The organics who created Iokath embraced this idea, and built a wide variety of mechanical servants to nurture their artificial world. Custodian and compactor droids were created to preserve the parklands; scour swarm droids to clean the Chromium Garden; purifier droids to provide protection and security; and support droids to maintain and repair the entire system.

Jedi Decorations

Jedi Decorations

With their temple looted and in ruins and relations with the Republic government at a new low, the Jedi left the Republic capital to establish a new temple on the rediscovered world of Tython–the homeworld of the first Jedi. By returning to their ancestral home, the Jedi hoped to reconnect with the beliefs and ideals of those who founded the order twenty millennia ago. They sought to reclaim forgotten knowledge and wisdom left behind by ancient Masters, scouring the planet for holocrons and Jedi artifacts to replace those that had been lost during the destruction of the temple on Coruscant.

The Jedi’s aesthetics are easy to describe: elegant and simple, rich without being ostentatious. They do not own many things, but they do not live like possessionless monks either. Their temples are there as places of reflection, and to hold diplomatic guests when need be. Their practical furniture is sturdy and comfortable, and the other objects around the Temple are there to help students and masters gain a better connection with the Force.

swtor 2015-05-22 17-38-54-05

Jedi Temple Decorations

swtor 2015-05-22 17-40-49-49

Outside Jedi Decorations

The Jedi spend as much time ouside as they do in, and it only makes sense that they decorate their outdoors spaces as well.

swtor 2015-05-22 17-35-40-57


Want to make your Jedi residence a little less solitary? Add these personnel to give it some life. Another good choice would be your companions dressed in Jedi attire.


The Jedi are well known for collecting rare artifacts – and for making their own. Make sure to only sport light side datacrons in your Jedi Sanctuary.

View All Datacron Decorations

The Tython Jedi Temple

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swtor 2015-05-22 17-36-50-11 swtor 2015-05-22 17-37-47-41 swtor 2015-05-22 17-37-28-65
swtor 2015-05-22 17-37-54-52 swtor 2015-05-22 17-38-47-53 swtor 2015-05-22 17-39-01-30
swtor 2015-05-22 17-39-13-73 swtor 2015-05-22 17-39-22-51 swtor 2015-05-22 17-39-57-32
swtor 2015-05-22 17-54-00-60 swtor 2015-05-22 17-54-04-58
Makeb Decorations

Makeb Decorations

Beautiful, serene and abundant in resources, Makeb has grown to become one of the greatest resort destinations in the galaxy. For a time, wealthy executives and socialites flocked to the planet to enjoy its remote locale, comfortable climate and exotic vistas without any need for concern over political entanglements. Even the more frequent occurrence of groundquakes in recent years could not place a dent in Makeb’s prosperous tourism, banking and mining trades. Recent events, however, have changed matters for the worse. With its precarious position on the edge of Hutt Space, Makeb has drawn the attention of the Hutt Cartel. Just what the Hutts intend for the planet remains to be seen.

While the Hutts may have sullied the planet’s beauty slightly, it is still one of the best furnished and manicured planets of the game. If you can stand the earthquakes and the possibility of emergency evacuation, Makeb is a paradise of heritage and ornamentation.

Makeb Statues

Makebians have chosen white marble as their artistic medium of choice, to complement their white-washed houses. There are two types of Makeb statue decorations, the largest is a beautiful femine figure which can only be bought with credits if you are an owner of the SWTOR Collector’s Edition. The second, a statue of a dog-like figure, can be bought with credits if you have reached the Champion Rank with your Makeb reputation.

Makeb Trees and Shrubs

With precision comes grace, and the Makebians know how to bring precision into their shrubbery. You can place three types of manicured planets into your strongholds, but only one can be gained through Makeb Reputation. The others are Cartel items, one from a pack and one from certificates.

Makeb Plants

While not strictly Makebian plants, these two potted displays can be found growing around the planet’s grassy surfaces. Both can be obtained through crafting.

Makeb Luxury Decorations

Believe it or not, the luxury set on the Cartel Market actually originates from some concept art of Makeb by Ryan Dening. All these items come out of the same cartel decoration pack on the cartel market. The bed in this cartel bundle does not match Makeb’s style.


Makeb Outdoors Decorations

You can bring the beauty of Makeb to your stronghold with the power of warzon commendations! The Pergoda is often found on Makeb’s rooftops,  sunny place for residents to unwind. The Canopy provides shade from Makeb’s bright sun. The Gazebo is a special decoration that is now retired.

Makeb Ammunition Decoration

Although it is not obvious when you discover it in the crafting list, these ammunition canisters were designed especially for Makeb’s release. you can now have them in your stronghold by crafting an Industrial Prefab MK-2.


Bonus Concept Art

View more amazing concept art by Ryan Dening of Makeb here.

makeb-house makeb-house2 makeb-house-long

Manaan Decorations

Manaan Decorations

Selkath are a sleek, amphibious species native to the oceans of the planet Manaan. Diplomatic and family-oriented, they have traditionally been advocates of peace in the galaxy, taking a decidedly neutral political stance. Their homeworld is a major exporter (and formerly the sole source) of the medicinal fluid kolto, and it is the kolto trade that made the Selkath an influential force in the past. 

The Selkath’s sleekness is reflected in both their architecture and their furniture, with smooth curving lines and aquatic colours.

swtor 2015-05-08 21-16-47-27

Manaan Furniture Decorations

Selkath furniture combines unique Selkath furniture with Czerka office ware. We can only assume they have been buying stock in the galaxy’s company.

swtor 2015-05-08 21-16-59-18

swtor 2015-05-08 21-18-37-11

Manaan Fountain Decorations

While you can’t get Manaan’s fountains or statues ingame, there are a few choices to add a bit of water and serenity to your stronghold.

Manaan Underwater Sea Lab

Are you a Selkath scientist? Looking to uncover the secrets of kolto or wookies? Whatever you’re working on, make sure your lab has the right equipment.


Manaan Planetary Gallery

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swtor 2015-05-08 21-24-05-41 swtor 2015-05-08 21-23-46-93 swtor 2015-05-08 21-23-07-40
swtor 2015-05-08 21-29-02-29 swtor 2015-05-08 21-31-20-55 swtor 2015-05-08 21-30-06-20
 swtor 2015-05-08 21-31-35-73  swtor 2015-05-08 21-32-04-50  swtor 2015-05-08 21-31-59-62

Mandalorian Decorations

Although Mandalorians are more well known for creating their own private enclaves or camping out in the jungles of Dromund Kaas, a wealthy bounty hunter or Mandalorian might bring some of their heritage to their luxury stronghold. Below is a curated list of Mandalorian decorations, and a few bounty hunter decorations thrown in for good measure. The symbol of Mand’alor, and the skull of the Mythosaur, are all featured heavily in Mandalorian decorations.

Mandalorian Statue Decorations

“When all else falls, it is our actions and our actions alone that will live on through the centuries. We Mandalorians strive above all else to be remembered. And to be remembered with love… it is a rewarding end to a life.” – Danis Fett

Bounty Hunter Decorations

The Bounty Hunter story is heavily tied into Mandalorian culture in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Trophies of the Hunt

Mandalorian Training Decorations

Oricon Decorations

Oricon Decorations

Centuries ago, a group of Sith lords were sent to Oricon to study the arcane and powerful Phobis devices. When these Sith reemerged from their work as the Dread Masters, they did so with the intent of making Oricon their home. With the Emperor’s blessing, they transported thousands upon thousands of slaves to the moon to build a massive fortress. Surrounded by deep pools of fiery lava, the fortress protects against all would-be invaders. Its impenetrable gates, powerful droids, and vicious, corrupted monstrosities guard a towering palace that contains the Dread Masters’ private chambers, where the Masters practice their dark arts.

On a planet where there is only lava and monsters, the Dread Masters have done surprisingly well at decorating their Fortress. You can too with these ominous decorations, just don’t let them know you’ve borrowed them – that or kill them all first.

Oricon Decorations

swtor 2015-05-08 22-01-28-47

Oricon Dread Master Decorations

Sometimes it’s important to show your enemy what you’re made of. Other times, it’s just nice to show your enemy what your other enemies used to be made out of. Bones, skulls, blood and tormented flesh are all perfect examples of what should appear in any Dread Master’s abode.


swtor 2015-05-08 22-01-11-44

Rakata Decorations

Ten thousand years before the formation of the Republic, the Rakata ruled much of the known galaxy. War-like and cruel, strong in the Force and technologically advanced, they enslaved or wiped out every civilization they encountered. At its peak, nearly five hundred conquered worlds paid tribute to the Rakata Infinite Empire.

Rakata decorations come from all over the game, but they are very unique in that very, very few of them come from the cartel market – most can be earned or bought directly ingame.

Rakata Art and Statues Decorations

The liberated worlds destroyed the creations and records of their defeated overlords, wiping out almost all trace and knowledge of the Rakata in the greater galaxy. A few thousand Rakata survivors–all that remained of the Infinite Empire–retreated to their hidden homeworld of Lehon, where they descended into barbarism.

The ancient Rakata combined proficiency with the Force with a mastery of technology and bioengineering. Massive weapons of war–such as the Star Forge, a space station powered by the dark side and capable of manufacturing whole fleets–were among their largest-scale achievements, but not every Rakata creation was so grandiose.


Republic Decorations

Republic Decorations

If you’ve recently purchased a Coruscant Stronghold or a Republic Flagship, you might be seeking Republic-themed decorations to match. Republic decorations are often the whites and blues of the Republic flag, or the yellows and reds of Republic ships. Below is a curated list of Republic decorations – if you are seeking Jedi-themed decorations for force users, view the Jedi Decorations list.

Republic Propaganda

For the Republic! The Republic’s colors are blue, white and gold.

swtor 2015-05-30 13-39-25-07

swtor 2015-05-30 13-36-03-77

Republic Furniture

The Republic sticks to functional styles and dull colors. They know their priorities lie in what they do, not how their equipment looks.


swtor 2015-05-30 13-38-13-16

Republic Technology (Republic Flagship)

Republic computers range from yellow to red, often looking dingy and outdated.


Republic Flagships Gallery

Here are some of the Republic decorations seen in SWTOR.

Rishi Decorations

Rishi Decorations

For a very long time, Rishi remained ignored and untouched on the fringes of the Outer Rim. Its dominant species–the intelligent, avian Rishii–lived a simple and mostly serene existence on the island-flecked world. But when a pirate craft crash-landed on Rishi more than a hundred years ago, all that changed. With its plentiful fossil fuel reserves and close proximity to a largely unexplored dwarf galaxy, this tropical pearl of a planet has since become a favorite hub for underworld types in search of riches, refuge from authorities or just a good time.

Rishi’s peaceful bird-like tribe culture is mixed with the pirate culture that has visited its balmy shores.

swtor 2015-05-08 21-48-42-46

Rishii Decorations

While highly intelligent, they prefer to apply their smarts to reflective and societal matters over technological advancement. Content to lead simple lives in villages set atop high mountain peaks and grow their population at a glacial pace, the Rishii have no reason to war amongst themselves, though their ability to defend themselves from predators make them skillful combatants.

You can even bring the Rishii themselves into your stronghold with a male and female NPC decoration. The most intricate decoration is the Rishi Hutt, a resting roost that can be placed on a centerpiece hook.

swtor 2015-05-08 21-38-58-58

Rishi Pirate Decorations

When the pirates came to Rishi they brought two things: their guns and their neon signs. View more holosigns here.

swtor 2015-05-08 21-45-16-49

Rishi Plants and Trees

While exploring the planet of Rishi you’ll be pleased to find it has all the hallmarks of a tropical island, from palm trees to flowers.

A Tree of Paradise or Rakata Palm would also fit well in your tropical home, or check out the rest of the plants category.

Rishi Planetary Gallery

swtor 2015-05-08 21-47-48-58 swtor 2015-05-08 21-50-59-99 swtor 2015-05-08 21-53-58-68
swtor 2015-05-08 21-53-32-89 swtor 2015-05-08 21-41-52-48 swtor 2015-05-08 21-40-16-01
 swtor 2015-05-08 21-37-04-61  swtor 2015-05-08 21-40-59-22  swtor 2015-05-08 21-40-44-91
 swtor 2015-05-08 21-42-40-99  swtor 2015-05-08 21-43-53-05  swtor 2015-05-08 21-43-43-97
 swtor 2015-05-08 21-43-38-79  swtor 2015-05-08 21-43-30-17  swtor 2015-05-08 21-43-22-55
Sith Decorations

Sith Decorations

The Dromund Kaas stronghold sits high above the capital of the Sith Empire, and is the perfect location for a modern Sith that needs quick access to the capital building and the spaceport. Below is a curated list of Sith decorations, ranging from modern-day Academy decorations to ancient Sith statues.

Rising above the Valley of the Dark Lords, the Sith Academy is a monument to the power of the dark side and the might of the Sith Empire. Would-be students throughout Imperial space compete for the privilege of studying within the Academy halls, but only those strong in the Force are selected–and most of those perish in the struggle to become Sith. Beyond the training rooms lay many secrets that remain hidden to all but the most powerful Sith Lords. Higher levels contain chambers for members of the Dark Council, where few living creatures are permitted.

The Sith are a varied bunch, and their tastes range from monolithic brutality to spiderweb-fine detail. The only thing that doesn’t change is the purpose of their decorations: to impress their power and skill upon their visitors.

swtor 2015-05-29 20-41-11-18

Ancient Sith Decorations

The ancient Sith favoured a style that was overwhelming to the viewer. These statues are often found in the resting places of long-dead Sith, they won’t mind if you cart them away to put in your stronghold.

swtor 2015-05-29 20-45-26-43

Imperial Sith Decorations

Red is the color of the Empire, of blood, and of the dark side of the force. Here is a larger list of Imperial Decorations.

Sith Academy Decorations

Sith Personnel Decorations


Oricon Sith Decorations

The Dread Masters brought their unique sense of style to Oricon, and now you can bring it home. Their style does not mesh well with traditional Empire colors.

Sith Datacron Decorations

This Sith collect ancicent artirfacts to gain power. Datacrons come in both light and dark varieties, but a dark lord would never dream of showcasing his lightside ones, lest his loyalty to the Empire be doubted. View all the datacron decorations

.. and don’t forget a pet to keep your Sith Lord company when they get lonely.

swtor 2015-05-29 20-44-14-18 swtor 2015-05-29 20-46-35-57 swtor 2015-05-29 20-49-51-08
swtor 2015-05-29 20-46-49-93 swtor 2015-05-29 20-47-01-05 swtor 2015-05-29 20-47-35-36

swtor 2015-05-29 20-48-57-68

Sound and Music Decorations

Although each stronghold has its own ambient sound, you can also add clickable decorations to your stronghold that add music and sounds to the room they are in. These include jukeboxes that play music, and ambient sound machines that add to the atmosphere of your stronghold.

Jukebox Decorations

All of the jukebox decorations are quite expensive, as they could only be gotten from cartel packs. To turn a jukebox decoration on and have it play music, you require a Jukebox Token. These can be bought from the Felusia Stato decoration.

Ambient Sound Machines

Ambient Machine decorations are small clickable wall decorations that when clicked will play a quiet, repeating sound, similar to the ambient sounds found in various cantinas or temples across the galaxy.

Other Sound Decorations

A few other decorations make sound of their own accord when they are placed down.

Tatooine Decorations

Tatooine Decorations

The Tatooine stronghold is a large and sprawling complex with hundreds of hooks out on the desert sands and inside classic Tatooine domed buildings and cliff dwellings.  Star Wars: The Old Republic has dozens of Tatooine-themed decorations, from Jawas to Krayt Dragons.

Most at home in Tatooine’s endless deserts and canyons, the nomadic Sand People survive by hunting and raiding larger settlements and by raising banthas as mounts and for food, milk and materials. To outsiders, they can appear incomprehensibly hostile–but while virtually all encounters with Sand People end in violence, their culture is more complex internally.

Although the desert is harsh, Tatooine’s inhabitants have made their homes in tents and underground bunkers cozy and sheltered from the heat.

Tribal Sand People Decorations

The sand people are a vicious lot, so make sure you are not caught stealing their furniture.

Jawa Decorations

These little sand people will keep you company in your stronghold – just keep them away from the desh junk piles. All three can be bought with Cartel Certificates and sell items that can be bought with Jawa Scraps.

If you can manage to maneuver it into your stronghold, a Sandcrawler would also make a good addition to your Tatooine-themed stronghold.

Krayt Dragon Decorations

Enormous predatory lizards that prowl the dunes of Tatooine, krayt dragons are both feared and revered by the Jawas and Sand People that share their world. Slaying one of the fearsome beasts was once a rite of passage for young Sand People warriors, and the Jawa believe krayt bones possess mystical properties. For all their importance to Tatooine’s native cultures, however, krayt dragons are extraordinarily rare and quite possibly extinct–no living krayt has been seen in decades. Nonetheless, their towering skeletons are a testament to their power and majesty, and a pilgrimage to the legendary krayt graveyard remains a holy ritual in many Sand People tribes.

Tatooine Art Decorations

The best place to place these decorations is in your Tatooine stronghold so you can get suck in a recursive loop if you look hard enough.

swtor 2015-05-09 15-18-51-80

Desert Rugs

With the sand stretching out as far as the eye can see, it’s important to try and mark out a space of your own.

swtor 2015-05-09 15-13-22-12

Tatooine Furniture and Decorations

swtor 2015-05-09 15-38-26-08

Shelter from the Binary Suns

Tatooine is littered with underground bunkers, tarps and giant parasols to keep the harsh sun off of its inhabitants’ backs.

Tatooine Planetary Gallery

swtor 2015-05-09 15-38-41-45 swtor 2015-05-09 15-39-17-80 swtor 2015-05-09 15-39-08-13
swtor 2015-05-09 15-37-47-10 swtor 2015-05-09 15-37-39-16 swtor 2015-05-09 15-28-20-95
swtor 2015-05-09 15-26-56-19 swtor 2015-05-09 15-18-46-11 swtor 2015-05-09 15-34-15-84
Voss Decorations Collection

Voss Decorations Collection

The Voss are a newly discovered humanoid species with a strong affinity for the Force–though they don’t recognize it as the Force. Confined to a single city, Voss-Ka, on their homeworld, they possessed a pre-spaceflight level of technology until their recent discovery by the Republic and the Empire. Today, they have begun integrating outsider advances into their own culture, but remain isolated and backward compared to the rest of the galaxy. Voss society is difficult for outsiders to comprehend, as they are guided in everything they do by the infallible visions of their Force-using Mystics.

The Voss are a mysterious race that was introduced with the release of SWTOR, and with it their culture. Their buildings are often large and rounded, with white walls and colorful interiors covered in a trinkets and wood-worked furniture.

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Voss Furniture Decorations

Rich mahogany wood is often paired with many colors: oranges, greens, blues reds and golds. Voss furniture decorations are distinct from most of the rest of the furniture decorations as they contain no metal or plastoids.

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Voss Temple Decorations

Hidden among the quiet and mysterious Voss temples lies decorations waiting for you to uncover, with a mysterious glow that could mean ruin or revelation… and a matching bush.

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Voss Street Decorations

The Voss decorate the outside of their houses with as much care as their insides. They are also careful to delineate the “neutral” line between the Empire and the Republic on their peaceful homeworld.

Voss Planet Gallery

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Yavin 4 Decorations Collection

Yavin 4 Decorations Collection

More than two dozen moons orbit the Outer Rim gas giant Yavin. Of those moons, the one designated Yavin 4 is by far the most habitable, supporting a vast array of flora and fauna within its lush and endless jungles. Yavin 4 also holds a great deal of interest to the Jedi and the Sith. For well over a thousand years now, the dark side of the Force has flowed through Yavin 4 in an ever-increasing magnitude. But those who visit the moon’s deadly rainforests and swamps in search of an explanation for the phenomenon rarely return, and never with any answers.

Yavin 4’s savage beauty is reflected in its ancient ruins and flora, which can be brought into your stronghold in a variety of ways.

Yavin 4 Statues and Sculptures

Yavin 4 is the planet where Exar Kun fully embraced the dark side, and the final resting place of the Naga Sadow. Their marks have been left on the planet’s surface in the form of degenerating temples, artifacts and statues. The largest is the combat arena, which can only be placed on a starship hook (not available on Dromund Kaas and Coruscant).


Yavin Temple Metalwork Decorations

Also left behind in the hidden temples of Yavin are decorations which are light enough to pilfer from their former owners and place around your stronghold.


Yavin Plants and Trees

While exploring the planet of Yavin 4 you will notice most of the surface is overgrown with lush jungles, only just held back by the stone temple floors. An entire selection is actually present in the large tree plot decoration.

More Plants and Trees

If you can’t get your hands on authentic imported Yavin 4 plants, try these which can be found across the galaxy and in your own backyard.

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Massassi Decorations

This docile personnel is guaranteed not to savage you or your guests, however it is suggested you keep your pet at least one hook away form your new Massassi. We also recommend giving him a proper home, water and a place to hang his heads at the end of the day.

Revanite Decorations

Show your devotion to Revan in all his forms with decorations from both Yavin 4 and Dromund Kaas.

Miscellaneous Yavin 4 Decoration

Unfortunately if you don’t already have the 3rd Anniversary Decoration or Shadow of Revan Poster, it is retired forever!

The Planet of Yavin 4

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Zakuul Decorations

Home to the Eternal Throne and defended by the Eternal Fleet, Zakuul has become the new superpower in the galaxy. An old civilization reshaped by Emperor Valkorion, Zakuul is technologically advanced, relying mainly on droid labor, with seemingly unlimited resources. Much of Zakuul’s wealth, gained form the Sith Empire, is channeled directly into Zakuul–expansion of the Eternal Fleet, lavish updates to the Spire, and generous gifts to the citizens.

Zakuul decorations were introduced to Star Wars: The Old Republic with the 4.0 patch called Knights of the Eternal Throne, and have continued to come out with the 5.0 patch of Knights of the Eternal Empire. They are a mix of technical decorations from Zakuul’s army, and luxury decorations ftom Zakuul’s many palaces and rich citizens.

Zakuul Luxury Decorations

The citizens of Zakuul have been lavished with wealth, and that pampered wealth can be seen in their cities and palaces that you visit in the level 60+ story chapters. Most of these decorations come from Cartel Packs. Zakuul’s city is high in the air and bereft of soil, but there are some plants growing far below on the swampy surface.

Zakuul Knights Decorations

Officially considered protectors of the people, Knights hunt down corruption in the Eternal Empire. In actuality, they are enforcers of the Emperor’s will and fanatical in their adoration for Valkorion and his family. Zakuul Knights don’t limit themselves to studying one side of the Force, instead teaching balance and exploration.

Zakuul Technology, Skytrooper and Military Decorations

Zakuul’s military is far different than any other force in the galaxy – it is funded by the wealth of Zakuul, and this wealth allowed the royal family of Zakuul to invest into technology for their empire. Many of these decorations can be gained as random drops from the Star Fortress flashpoints, which you can do after Chapter 9 of Knights of the Fallen Empire.

After Arcann’s successful campaign through Republic and Imperial space, he deployed massive battle stations orbiting the planets he most wanted under his control. These Star Fortresses are powered by Sun Generators capable of venting their excess plasma onto the planet below. The threat of instant devastation holds the world populations hostage and serves as a warning to any who might attack the fortress.