Blizz Customization 5

The Blizz Customization 5 is a Security Key Vendor Ilum Orbital Station (Imperial) item which can be found in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Blizz Customization 5:

Original Blizz:

How to get the Blizz Customization 5

The Blizz Customization 5 item is a companion customization you can only get if you have a Security Key attached to your SWTOR account. A Security Key is an app you add to your smart phone, which helps keep your account safer when you log in, and gives you some nice perks like access to Security Key items and 100 free Cartel Coins a month.

There are two Security Key vendors located Imperial side. The first is located on the Imperial Fleet, the second is on the Ilum Orbital Station.

The Blizz Customization 5 customization can be purchased from the Ilum Orbital Station Security Key Vendor on Imperial side. The vendor is just outside the long hallway from your ship to the station, before you take a shuttle down to Ilum. The vendor is a pureblood Sith named Lieutenant Oarr.

These security key customizations are Bind on Pickup, so they sadly can not be sold or traded to other players. They also can not be acquired on the opposite faction and are restricted to the vendor on the correct faction, in this case the Security Key Vendor Ilum Orbital Station (Imperial) Vendor for the Blizz Customization 5 item.