Dromund Kaas Orange Mastery Datacron

Datacrons Guide Issue
I recently updated the Swtorista website and the datacrons section suffered a catastrophic failure. I’ve been able to replace most of the guides and the instructions, but a lot of the convenient layouts/info boxes are missing, and some of the images are broken until I replace them manually. With the 7.0 expansion launching, I will not have time to fix them for quite a while – luckily I do have all the data and pretty images backed up, they just need to be replaced manually.  If you are looking for an alternative I really like this old SWTOR-Spy guides.

Quick Travel / Taxi

Cross the Big Bridge

From the speeder or quick travel point, take the southern path leading to the West (to the Kaas City Expansion District on the map).

From there cross the long bridge and go through the opening on the left that has sandbags around it.

Expansion Camp

After going through the entrance with the sandbags, follow the path to the right where there are some metal balconies and Imperial soldiers.

You can actually see the datacron on the metal balcony.

Jump on the Crate

Jump up on the crate located at about -1091, 218 near the metal balcony where you can see the datacron. Follow the little path until it reaches a cliff.

Rock Jumping

Very carefully “fall” onto the first, highest rock (you do not need to jump). You may land on its edge and not be able to move around, if so, turn around and jump back up onto its surface. For the second rock, you will want to get a tiny running head start and jump down on to it. Do the same for the third and final rock – get a running start and jump down on to the datacron!

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