Remnant Dreadguard Consular

Remnant Dreadguard Consular Armor Set

The Remnant Dreadguard Consular armor set is an armor set randomly dropped from which can be earned by completing Heroics. This set is wearable by characters on either faction, who are level 10 or higher on any class.

Alliance Crate Gear

Players can receive randomized alliance crates by completing Heroics at level 61 or higher. These crates can only be turned in on characters that have completed Chapter 9 of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.

Jedi Knight alliance crate gear drops from Heroics that reward a Locked Supply Crate: Ancient Artifacts, which can be turned in to Sana-Rae on Odessan. Ancient Artifacts crates drop Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular gear, but which piece you get is random and you are not guaranteed to get a piece of the Remnant Dreadguard Consular set.

Legacy Bound

Legacy bound armor is armor that can be transferred between your characters on your server. Pieces of the Remnant Dreadguard Consular set can be purchased on one of your characters, and then sent to another one of your characters on the same server. Players often use legacy-bound armor to share a set between multiple characters for endgame Flashpoints, Operations, PvP or general questing at a high level.

Remnant Dreadguard Consular Armor Pieces

  • Remnant Dreadguard Consular’s Headgear
  • Remnant Dreadguard Consular’s Robe
  • Remnant Dreadguard Consular’s Lower Robe
  • Remnant Dreadguard Consular’s Boots
  • Remnant Dreadguard Consular’s Gloves
  • Remnant Dreadguard Consular’s Belt
  • Remnant Dreadguard Consular’s Cuffs
Remnant Dreadguard Consular’s Robe
Remnant Dreadguard Consular’s Headgear
Remnant Dreadguard Consular’s Lower Robe
Remnant Dreadguard Consular’s Boots
Remnant Dreadguard Consular’s Gloves
Remnant Dreadguard Consular’s Belt

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