Dark Disciple

Dark Disciple Armor Set

The Dark Disciple armor set is a Dark vs Light armor set. Unfortunately, the tokens required to purchase it are no longer obtainable, though Bioware hopes to bring them back in the future through a different method.This set is wearable by characters on either faction at any level on any class.

Dark vs Light

Dark vs Light was a server-wide battle that all level 70 subscribed players could contribute to in the 5.0 expansion. If the alignment meter (visible on the Galaxy Map) had reached Light 5 or Dark 5, and your character's personal alignment had matched the winning side's, every time you gained a command rank you will also gain Dark Side Tokens.

Unfortunately, the Light vs Dark system was retired along with the Renown system in 7.0. So there's no way to get these tokens right now. If you do happpen to have tokens left over, pieces of the Dark Disciple set can be purchased from the Dark vs Light vendors in the Supplies section of the fleet. The entire Dark Disciple set costs 104 Dark Side Tokens, and requires Dark IV to wear.

  • Head: 16 Dark Side Tokens
  • Chest: 16 Dark Side Tokens
  • Legs: 16 Dark Side Tokens
  • Boots: 16 Dark Side Tokens
  • Gloves: 16 Dark Side Tokens
  • Belt: 12 Dark Side Tokens
  • Bracers: 12 Dark Side Tokens

Legacy Bound

Legacy bound armor is armor that can be transferred between your characters on your server. Pieces of the Dark Disciple set can be obtained on one of your characters, and then sent to another one of your characters on the same server. you can also stamp Legacy-bound armors into the Outfitter tab for as many of your characters as you'd like without the item being stuck on one character.

Dark Disciple Armor Pieces

  • Dark Disciple's Headgear
  • Dark Disciple's Vestments
  • Dark Disciple's Legplates
  • Dark Disciple's Boots
  • Dark Disciple's Gloves
  • Dark Disciple's Belt
  • Dark Disciple's Vambraces
Dark Disciple's Headgear
Dark Disciple's Legplates
Dark Disciple's Boots
Dark Disciple's Gloves
Dark Disciple's Belt

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