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Ready to learn about Star Wars: The Old Republic? Get up to speed with tips, tricks, videos and written guides about SWTOR for beginners and level 70 players! We've covered everything from pvp to levelling.

The Academy was created originally as an audio segment for Ootinicast, a Star Wars: The Old Republic podcast hosted by Teo and Chill, after listeners requested more content dedicated to newer players. The video, audio and script are created by Swtorista, a long-time gamer with a large variety of interests in the game, from running operations to collecting.

  • What to do at Level 70 in SWTOR - I’m a new player who’s got a character to 70, done with the story for now… but what else is there to do? What do I do now?
  • SWTOR Galactic Command Guide - Galactic Command is Star Wars: The Old Republic’s new way of progressing and gaining gear once you hit level 70.
  • SWTOR Dark vs Light Guide - Dark vs Light is a way of competing with your server in Star Wars the Old Republic to push your  side to victory and gain some unique rewards on a level 70 character.
  • How to Level Up Fast in SWTOR - Sometimes you just want to level up fast in SWTOR, to see just the class story or to get to max-level. Here’s how!
  • How to Get Cool Armor in SWTOR - The outfit designer is a way of adding a costume on top of your armor – your armor is the pieces of gear that make sure you don’t die in battle – but the costume is just the way your character looks, and you can change your armor in and out without having your costume...
  • SWTOR Character Appearance Guide - There are hundreds of ways to customize your character, including their race, the character creator and darkside corruption.