The Outlander

Step into an epic story-driven adventure as your character becomes The Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War. A third faction threatens the galaxy as we know it, and your choices will determine the fate of both the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic.

Choose your path… join or betray companions, old and new… and shape the future of the entire galaxy as well as your own. These, are our Outlanders...

Privateer83 Yamirou MoonbearMitya AnOnlineHandle AnOnlineHandle AnOnlineHandle rfingus AnOnlineHandle kiadorn Hexitius Copperheadlll Meramir theswerto SirBlount Meramir theswerto SNCommand theswerto Meramir theswerto sirjames89 Dexz theswerto theswerto Aristos_swtor Hexitius theswerto theswerto SirBlount Aristos_swtor Aristos_swtor CosmicSaezi Aristos_swtor nitrokane binthewin Grim1316 StarlaBlaise NOR_Zyera CosmicSaezi CosmicSaezi CosmicSaezi Traitor-joes StarlaBlaise SOLRanger Traitor-joes adi-gallia Zadiuz StarlaBlaise Djiini TheBronzeBastard Igor_MVPs JaayRock Kain292 AimlessWanderer AimlessWanderer AimlessWanderer Shokkunin AimlessWanderer AimlessWanderer AimlessWanderer AimlessWanderer onetimenancy AimlessWanderer Aelon51 AimlessWanderer AimlessWanderer JarekCyphus AimlessWanderer _Blackstar Shokkunin onetimenancy _Blackstar JasperCLA _Blackstar _Blackstar p4v07 _Blackstar _Blackstar Shokkunin Zaksnipes onetimenancy _Blackstar StarlaBlaise _Blackstar Quiversan KamiKagutsuchi _Blackstar Nitia _Blackstar agentbs Nitia Formulka Quiversan Nitia KnighT972 d33b3 Quiversan Brandos93 Aelon51 JessDeeART Chriscaa112 thesoundofwolf Nitia 9SkytorRush0 Loremastersath darkcrest Zythen1975 Gram64 DarthDonut Zammin Luministrus ToxicFuel Noxton Noxton Noxton Noxton Dunstark Dunstark Dunstark Noxton Dunstark Dostus-dilih Dunstark Dunstark Dunstark Joevahskank Dunstark MaverickM84 Harricyrus Dunstark MaverickM84 Dunstark Dunstark Indigo_295 guerillatech MaverickM84 MaverickM84 spess spess Jiavul KayJay-- unknownveek WeGucciMan T-D-S Jiavul vjludovico XJarrodX Smart3 TeaSeeOh TeaSeeOh TeaSeeOh XJarrodX TeaSeeOh TeaSeeOh XJarrodX TeaSeeOh Hanxero Selanne8 pom1331 Hanxero ElGrandeHefe Dolphinator16 DANYYC ElGrandeHefe Hanxero ElGrandeHefe Varnia Hanxero TravisSpomer

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A man can have anything...
If he's willing to sacrifice everything.

These screenshots are of the characters of members and visitors of the /r/SWTOR subreddit, a forum for discussion about Star Wars: The Old Republic. This project was created by Swtorista , to showcase the creativity and variety of character creation in SWTOR. The process for the gallery is explained here .